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Pros and Cons of Mobile Biometrics


In this modern technology world, there are ample of security devices available, which can provide great help in securing data and keep a record of person’s identity, and other transactions as well. In this way, mobile biometric technology has evolved as a boon for the tech savvy. It is the solution that works for purposes like the intersection of connectivity, security, and identity.

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Biometric Security System Made Compulsory For Outsourced Civic Workers

Biometric Attendance Machine

Biometric system is rapidly gaining attention. From becoming mandatory in schools and educational institutions to instigate in almost all the corporate, recently the technology has been made compulsory for the civic workers in Shivamogga City Corporation who were serving on outsourcing basis.

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White House Recommends Biometric For Safer And Superior Security Measures


When it comes to technological advancement, U.S.A has always been the leader. They have always been ahead in terms of implementing the best form of technology in every sphere, whether it’s military or Government offices. So it should not comes as a surprise that that a new cyber security initiative from the white house recently has encouraged Americans to favor the use of biometrics over any other form of security.

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Google Plans To Replace Passwords Soon

Google Plans To Replace Passwords Soon

The new age ushers in new technology, the old structures fall to be replaced by new, easier and hassle free ways to get things done. There was time when we had to remember several passwords that had to be updated continuously and still the threat of someone hacking into the system still loomed over our head.

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Bye-Bye to Pesky Passwords, Say Hello to Windows 10

biometric devices, fingerprint scanner, fingerprint sensor

It’s a time to say bye-bye to annoying passwords with Windows 10. Passwords we use these days are inconvenient and insecure and are hackable at the same time. Microsoft has taken a significant step ahead in the area of security authentication. The company recently launched Windows 10 anniversary update Windows Hello, where Microsoft stated that … Continue reading Bye-Bye to Pesky Passwords, Say Hello to Windows 10

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Behavioural Biometrics & SecureAuth – II

biometric devices, biometric machine, fingerprint scanner

This blog post is second in the series of Behavioural Biometrics & SecureAuth. To read the previous post, click here. This truly is a next-generation technology. Craig Lund, CEO, SecureAuth, asks to think of the SecureAuth IdP as a bullet-resistant vest. He says that these multiple layers of protection act as a defensive wall against … Continue reading Behavioural Biometrics & SecureAuth – II

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