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A unique solution designed for big set-ups which offer dining facility in their canteen to employees. The Canteen Management Software is designed to create transparency between the employee, company, and vendor. It reduces the worry of unauthorized usage whereas software helps to automate the complete process.

Star Link India Biometric Devices and Industrial Model with Printer is linked with canteen management software which prints the coupon. Moreover, the printed coupon acts as a record for the vendor whereas the input data acts as a record for the admin.

There are two ways that it can be operated which can stop multiple placements of order:-

  1. Online Operation through software:- In this process, once the employee processes his/her order, then his identity and other details are authenticated by the software and then the order is placed and thus receipt is generated. No employee can place multiple orders.
  2. Smart Card Authentication:– In this process, an employee has to authenticate by their smart card which includes their details and thus their order will be placed.

The Canteen Management Software System can be operated in set-ups with different types of order placement related to items or quantity. They are as follows:-

Canteen Management Software Order Placement Types

1. The first type of order that can be placed is item-wise and quantity-wise, in which the user can place the order according to their wish without any bar of quantity and item.

2. The second option for order placement is that the quantity of any item will be fixed only if you have to enter the item.

3. The third option for order placement is that the quantity and item are fixed according to the time setting. Suppose if it is noon, then lunch will be served or if it is evening then tea with snacks will be served (depending on the policy of the company).

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Some Additional Unique Features of Canteen Management Software:-

  • User can pay the credit amount online through this software
  • Credit limit of any employee can be increased or decreased according to the profile or designation
  • Once credit limit is over, one cannot place order unless due amount is not paid
  • Fully automatized canteen management software
  • Huge experience of maintaining the data of canteen management
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly item wise reports
  • Prepaid/Postpaid option for employees

System Requirement:-

(For Web Based)

    • Hard disk – 80GB
    • RAM – 4GB
    • Operating System – Windows 7 & above
    • Processor – i3 & above
    • IIS6 & above
    • .Net framework 4.0
    • SQL server 2005 and above

(For Window based)

    • Processor – P4 & above
    • RAM – 2GB min
    • Hard disk – 20GB
    • Operating System – WindowsXP and above


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The Canteen Management Software is designed to create transparency between the employee, company,

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