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Time Attendance Machine

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Time Attendance Machine:

Biometric Automated Time Attendance Machine¬†helps in marking the attendance with the touch of a finger or a card. biometric details of a worker’s finger are registered in the biometric attendance machine thru the process of Multi Spectral Imaging. After biometrics enrollment, the finger is placed on the slot provided in the machine & attendance gets marked on the time displayed. It also gives audio confirmation thru an automated voice which mentions if the attendance has been accepted or rejected. Same is followed by the visual signs, green colour light on the screen stating accepted and red states rejection. This process is generally followed twice in a day: A finger punches while coming to the office and one while leaving which gives the correct In and out data of an employee.


There are 5 models with finger based time attendance system:

1. Bio Link 09.
2. Bio Star 09.
3. Bio Lynx.
4. Classic Model.
5. Industrial Model.

And 3 models with card based time attendance system:

1. 8 door controller.
2.Crony Reader
3.Classic Model

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