Access Control System:

The word “access” means “to enter”. Access control system or simply access control is a system designed to filter the access through a channel or a way. To make it more easy to understand let us take an example of a security check at any office where security officers permit entry to those who have an authorized ID card of that organization which means only employees or staff members who hold an ID card will be allowed to get an access to enter inside. This helps in reducing the risks of fraud, theft or crime inside the workplace and avoiding the risks of any kind miss happenings. We have both finger based access control system and card based access control system.


We Have 6 Models with Finger Based Access Control System:

1. Bio Link 09.
2. Bio Star 09.
3. Bio Lynx.
4. Bio Track.
5. Classic Model.
6. Industrial Model.


There are 3 Models with Card Based Access Control System:

1. 8 door controller.
2. Slave Reader.
3. Classic Model.