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Access Control System:

The word “access” means “to enter”. Access control system or simply access control is a system designed to filter the access through a channel or a way. To make it more easy to understand let us take an example of a security check at any office where security officers permit entry to those who have an authorized ID card of that organization which means only employees or staff members who hold an ID card will be allowed to get an access to enter inside. This helps in reducing the risks of fraud, theft or crime inside the workplace and avoiding the risks of any kind miss happenings. We have both finger based access control system and card based access control system.

In recent times, the landscape of the security industry has been undergoing rapid transformations on an annual basis. Similar to the dynamic nature of other technological domains, what may be effective today could swiftly become obsolete tomorrow. This phenomenon is particularly evident in the realm of access control systems.

Access control systems, which amalgamate authorization, identification, authentication, and access approval through login credentials, have evolved significantly for businesses. While older systems hinged on personal identification numbers for granting access, contemporary systems have embraced cutting-edge advancements, exemplified by the integration of biometric scans and sophisticated physical electronic key cards.

To ensure the perpetual relevance of access control security systems within enterprises, a proactive exploration of burgeoning industry trends becomes paramount. The present juncture presents an opportune moment to augment and elevate security provisions.

Emergent Trends in Access Control System

Security enterprises across major urban centres worldwide are witnessing the emergence of compelling trends within the access control landscape. A few of these trends, progressively gaining traction, encompass:

  • Network Systems – Over the forthcoming years, the notion of discrete and isolated biometric access control systems will undergo a seismic shift. Transitioning towards integrated networked systems, these setups will metamorphose into comprehensive solutions that not only facilitate access but also furnish invaluable data for incisive analysis. This dynamic shift serves the interests of both businesses and security entities.
  • Biometric Advancements – The ascendancy of biometric systems, not only in India but across international boundaries, is discernible. While biometric systems may have harbored vulnerabilities in the past, recent technological breakthroughs have catalyzed their evolution into one of the most efficacious tools for mitigating unwarranted activities. Notably, even healthcare establishments are adopting biometric solutions to avert unauthorized access to restricted zones or premises.
  • Synergistic Technology Convergence – Eschewing dependence on solitary access technologies, the domain is witnessing an upsurge in two-factor and three-factor authentication methodologies. These encompass a gamut of elements, including biometrics, PIN numbers, and more. Integrating multi-technology readers not only streamlines installation processes but also accommodates seamless scalability to align with business expansion and property requisites.
  • Mobility and NFC Integration – The pervasive adoption of mobile and near-field communication (NFC) technology is rapidly transforming the security landscape. Leading security firms are capitalizing on this trend by developing mobile applications that facilitate communication with control panels. Notably, these applications empower automatic access permission when the mobile device enters a predefined proximity to an access point.

Exploring Cutting-Edge Access Control Systems

For enterprises in search of bespoke security solutions and access control frameworks, Star Link stands as a dedicated purveyor of tailored solutions. Committed to meeting the unique requisites of each business, Star Link offers customized resolutions to effectively safeguard businesses and orchestrate seamless access control measures.

We Have 5 Models with Finger Based Access Control System:

1. Bio Link 09.
2. Bio Star 09.
3. Bio Lynx.
4. Classic Model.
5. Industrial Model.


There are 2 Models with Card Based Access Control System:

1. 8 Door controller.
2Classic Model.

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