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Bio Lynx is another masterpiece from Star Link that serves its purpose of attendance perfectly. It helps to manage the workforce properly and allows you to have a look at the exact working time of employees. It features capacity storage of 5,00,000 records while 9,560 finger templates can be stored in it.

For double-layer security, an external color 2MP camera interface can be connected through the USB port. The Bio-Lynx features multiple communication modes like RS-232, USB TCP/IP, GPRS (through SIM connection), and Wi-fi; which allows the user to get the data easily with a single click of a mouse.

Useful for managing every purpose of the workforce, Bio-Lynx is the perfect device to help you by increasing the productivity of your firm. The Bio Lynx is a versatile device that can be used at any kind of set-up and workplace.

The Bio Lynx device is also enabled with data push technology. These Biometric devices come with an LCD that displays the details of the employees, while a voice message provides confirmation about the attendance. Bio-Lynx can also be customized according to the requirement of the client.

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Product Features

— Recording capacity of 5 lacs records

— 2000 – 9,560 fingerprint templates storage capacity

— External 2MP camera interface (optional at extra cost)

— Connectivity mode: RS232, USB, TCP/IP, GPRS (SIM connection) & Wi-fi (optional at extra cost)

— Remote Device management

— Client/Server mode; Time Synchronization

— Access control ready

— Data Push Technology

— Voice guided message in Hindi/English

— Customization possible

Technical Specifications:-

— Processor: 32 bit RISC Micro

— User Capacity: 15,000

— Finger templates storage: 9,560 templates

— Display LCD 128×64 STN / YELLOW Graphics Display (70.70mm × 38.80mm)

— Identification Time: Less than 1 Sec

— USB Port: Support Pen drive for data transfer, USB Data Card

— Card Type Contact less: EM 4100 Card (Proximity) / (ISO / IEC 14443 A)

— Read Range / Frequency: EM Card up to 120mm / 125 Hz / up to 60 mm / 13.56 MHZ

— Communication Method: Serial Rs232, Ethernet TCP / IP Protocol, GPRS (SIM)

— Baud Rate (Selectable): (2400-115200) bps, TCP / IP Ethernet 10/100 Mbps

— Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 °C

— Operating Humidity: 10 to 90% Non-condensing

— Operating Voltage: DC 12V, 1A Through Adapter (Battery Backup Optional at extra cost)

— Keypad: 16 Key (4×4)

— Dimension / Weight: L: 182mm H: 155mm  W: 45mm / 500gms

— Visual Indicator: Red / Green LED / Message on LCD in English

— Audio Indicators:Voice Guided message (Adjustable volume).

— Customized voice greetings (Optional at extra cost)

Scanner Specifications:-

— Dedicated 400MHz DSP 2 MB RAM

— ISO/IEC 19794 Fingerprint Template

— Sensor Technology: Optical CMOS

— Sensing Area: 16.0mm × 19.0mm

— Image Size (Pixels): 272 × 320

— Image Resolution: 500 dpi

— Finger Verification Option: 1:N, 1:1

— EER < 0.1%

— Enrollment Time: 1~1.5 Sec

— Verification < 0.8 Sec

— Identification Time: 1~1.5 Sec

Standard Applications:

Time Attendances, Access Control, Payroll, Canteen, Visitor mgmt.

Other Applications:

School / College Mgt., Club Mgt., Gym Mgt., Coffee Vending Machines,
(SDK in server mode only available for any other applications for system integrator)

Hardware Interface:

Boom barrier, Turnstile, Flap Barrier

Operational Modes:-

— Only Finger

— Only Card (SMART CARD)

— Card with finger

— Finger in card ( 2 fingers in 1 Kb card, 10 fingers in 4KB card)

— Card with password

— Pin with password

— Only PIN

Note: Combination varies as per the model

Why STAR LINK is ahead of others?

— Latest technology

— Superior Standards of quality

— Customization facility

— Competitive prices

— Prompt delivery

— Excellent after sales services

— Complete solution as per need


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