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Bio Face Reader

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Face reader is a machine that automatically analyzing the facial expression like eyes, cheeks, ears and other facial aspects via capture the image and match or maps it with the database. The system is capable of modeling a face in real-time, without any manual initialization needed.
The in-house team of Star Link developed it for keeping all the necessary requirements of Indian environment and make it robust. It is basically meant for industrial purpose with the metallic body.

Why use it?

  • Accurate, Robust, Fully functional, efficient, and simple in use
  • Performs better even in the low-light medium
  • Contact-less BIOMETRIC solution
  • Offers the additional security features into the Attendance System and Access Control System
  • A hygienic way of punch (Ex. In Canteen)
  • Saves time

Advantage of Face Reader Over Fingerprint

Generally, biometric systems use fingerprint, facial structure, iris, and other uniquely identified human characteristics. In which, the fingerprint is most commonly used physiological characteristics for personal identification, but sometimes it fails to perfectly analyze the fingerprint expression in some caviling situation. Another drawback is it requires human contact and not much cost-effective as it needed the separate high-quality fingerprint device.

Where Can We Use?

Face Reader can use anywhere and in any industry type where security is the main concern. It can also be used with Time & Attendance system to record and monitor the attendance of an employee. This system is highly efficient and reducing administrative time, preventing time mismanagement, and human errors. It can help you to monitor your employees who are working on fixed time, flexible time, or contractual time.
We are leading solution provider preferred name in the industry for our quality grade products. ‘Face Reader’ is another addition to our biometrics device series that offering you high-quality machine. The attractive feature of this product is, its low maintenance, elegant design, tested high performance, highly durable, and easy installation process. It can also verify the user in less than 1 sec and its storage capacity is max 1000 days or up to 5 lakh records.

The following are the specification of the Face Reader device:-

  • Processor : Cortex A7 Dual Core, 1Ghz Processor
  • User Capacity : Enroll upto 10,000 user (One face enrollment)
  • Display : 3.2”, 240×320 TFT color 262K
  • Keypad : Touch, Alphanumeric
  • Dimension / Weight : L:165mm H:165mm W:135mm Weight:1.3kg
  • Camera : High Resolution Infrared Camera
  • IR LEDs for night vision
  • Record capacity : Max 1000 days or up to 5 Lakh records
  • Recognition Algorithm : Feature extraction and pattern matching
  • Verification Method : Face recognition only.
  • Verification Speed : Less than 1 Second
  • Operating Distance : 40 – 80 cm
  • Operating Temperature : 0 to 40 degree Celsius
  • Operating Humidity : 20 to 90% non condensing
  • Power : Max 15 watt
  • Environment Light : 0-500 Lux
  • Communication Method : Standard TCP / IP, USB Host
  • Installation Method : Wall mounting
  • Stored Template Size : 4KB Per User (12KB in case of 3 face enrollment)
  • Identification Time : 1 ~ 2 Second
  • USB Port : Pen Drive for firmware upgrade and data transfer
  • Connectivity Port : RJ45 Port for Ethernet Connectivity
  • Visual indicator : Green / Red for Acceptance & Rejection
  • Audio Indicators : Voice-Guided message (Adjustable volume)
  • Battery Backup : In-built battery 3.7V 4800 mAh backup up-to 2.5 hours
    depending on uses.
  • Per Punch Size : 34 Byte

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