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Employee Safety Is Ensured Using No-Touch Attendance System

The employee attendance system is one of the most important components of every organization. This facilitates the business to keep a proper record of the attendance of the employees in the organization. Employee management systems usually get a biometric finger reader, where employees just have to punch their fingers and their attendance will be recorded.

In the times of COVID-19, the use of a common fingerprint biometric employee management system would be very risky. Use hand sanitizer using a fingerprint device. This reduces the risk but not completely.

To solve this problem, we developed Face Recognition Attendance System. Which has also been well adapted by Indian companies and factories and plays a good role in reducing attendance contact in the period of covid. Our innovative technology is serving our customers in critical times of the global pandemic.

Working of Face Biometric Reader

The working of our latest face biometric reader device is very simple. Like our previous employee management system, our high-quality biometric fingerprint reader will also have a database of all employees along with their fingerprints. Therefore, the system will automatically recognize the names and other details of the employees when they insert their fingers into the fingerprint reader.

Similarly, our latest Star Link No Touch Biometric Attendance System for employee safety will receive the details along with facial details of all the employees and this data will be uploaded in the database of the Employee Management System.

The employee just has to look into the camera and the face biometric reader will recognize the details of the employees again and again. Hence, the employee’s attendance will be easily recorded in the database of the company without even touching anything. It becomes a great way to protect the health of every employee working in the organization.


Our policy is to provide the most effective biometric employee management system to our potential customers. In this critical time of Covid-19, we also ensure the safety measures of all the employees working in any organization. We love to be upgraded every time because it makes us more effective in our work and motivates us to provide the most updated technology we have.


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