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Industrial Devices:

The unskilled labour force is directly associated with the manufacturing & production processes and is not trained in marking the attendance on the machine. Moreover, the environmental factors and surroundings of a manufacturing unit are entirely different as that of a corporate office. A biometric attendance machine made of P.P fibre will not be able to withstand load in such conditions & so many employees in areas like:

1. Manufacturing units,
2. Factories,
3. Warehouses
4. Godowns.

To let biometric machines work in such an environment, it has to be built with more strength and relatively powerful material, another aspect can be the signs or indicating facility to be provided which will help the labour forces to understand the marking of their attendance in an easy manner. Industrial Devices from Star Link India are the attendance machines made exclusively to face stiff industrial environment. What makes these machines different from the standard biometric attendance machines is:

1. Firstly the outer box of these devices are made with Mild Steel which is further powder coated or paint to perfection which makes this machine strong enough to face the punching forces of so many labours in a short interval of time.

2. Secondly, a big card punch slot over which the instruction is clearly inscribed with bold letters in the national language to show the attendance card here, besides the card slot is the finger punch slot where labour can easily put their finger and get the attendance marked.

3. Thirdly, big red and green indicators on the top of the machine which confirms the labors whether the attendance has been successfully recorded in the machine or not. Red light means NO and green light means a YES which is convenient for labors to understand easily.

We have 4 such Types of Industrial Models are:

1. Industrial Model.
2. Industrial model with printer.
3. Industrial Bio Lynx.
4. Industrial Bio Star

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