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EM lock or electromagnetic lock is a present-day contemporary door engaging lock which is used to provide secure and assured door entry at every professional and corporate place allowing only the authorized users to pass by.

It can be used with access control and a Biometric Attendance System. Electromagnetic locks are used to block unauthorized movement in offices and work set-ups.

It is a fail-safe lock which means doors automatically open in cases of emergency, fire, and power failure assuring that no one gets stuck inside the buildings.

  • The Dynamically powered electromagnet establishes a flawless connection with the door.
  • A forceful armature plate is used to establish a firm connection with the electromagnet which can hold a force of up to 300 kgs.
  • The interface is linked with a card reader or finger touch which authenticates the entry of any person.
  • An Automated lock with a lock-unlock feature through card, finger, pin, password & button without any need for levers and doorknobs.

The electromagnetic Lock from Starlink Communication is a vital component that is not to be ignored while considering corporate security.

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