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What are Industrial Biometric Devices and Their Beneficial Features?

Industrial Biometric Devices and Features

For industrial and manufacturing needs, devices are almost applicable to handle the process professionally. It will automate a handful of complex processes involved in manufacturing.

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Face Recognition Systems: A New Trend in Biometric Security & Surveillance

Biometric Face Recognition

Probing the fact that Face Recognition can play master card in the field of Biometric Attendance, Access Control Security and Surveillance.

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Bio Face Reader: The New Era of Security & Control

Bio Face Reader benefits, uses, types

Do you want to explore the impact of bio face readers? Then stay with this blog and know how biometric devices are useful for a wide range of security purposes. In general, biometric devices like face recognition are the best option for current network access control.

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Face Recognition System And Its Significance During & Post-Covid

As the COVID situation continues, futurists predict that new technologies will change the world. Face recognition system is one of the technical tools transforming the workplace environment and rapidly spreading throughout the market.

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How to Install a Biometric Access Control System?

Biometric Access Control System

Biometrics is the detection of faces, iris patterns, and the use of a fingerprint scanner and voice recognition. Face recognition and fingerprint scanning systems are two biometric security methods that work effectively in high security.

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Employee Safety Is Ensured Using No-Touch Attendance System

In the times of COVID-19, the use of a common fingerprint biometric employee management system would be very risky. Use hand sanitizer using a fingerprint device. This reduces the risk but not completely.

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Contactless Attendance Systems: The New Normal After Covid-19

Contactless Attendance System

We have developed Face Recognition Base Attendance Machine. Which is completely contactless so that we can prevent the risk of covid 19 occurring in the premises which is also well adapted by Indian companies and factory and play a good role in reducing the presence contact during the period of covid.

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Biometric Facial Recognition System for Work at Home & Workplace Security

Biometric Facial Recognition System for Work at Home Workplace Security

A few years ago, working out workplace security basics included manual security controls, manned guarding, and other procedures and controls associated with security measures. Plus, in the majority of the works, manual intervention was mandatory.

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Facial Recognition for Travel gear ups seamless Travel Experience

Facial Recognition for Travel gear ups seamless Travel Experience Starlink

The COVID-19 pandemic has hurried the cycle, eliminating erosion from the experience to expand traveller throughput at all phases of the excursion is basic to dodging the option of building ever-bigger air terminals and offices.

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How accurate is the Facial Recognition Technology?

How accurate is the Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition technology or FRT is used to identify people in the form of static images or video in a system of algorithms. It is not a new technology, but it has become more popular due to its digital solutions, such as recognizing people through pictures in cloud storage, face unlock authentication on mobile devices, and others.

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