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Face Recognition Systems: A New Trend in Biometric Security & Surveillance

Biometric Face Recognition

Probing the fact that Face Recognition can play master card in the field of Biometric Attendance, Access Control Security and Surveillance.

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Facial Recognition Technology: Functionality, Applications, & Significance in Today’s World

Facial Recognition technology works on collating the facial biometric patterns of an individual’s face with a database of the known faces, to find the correct match.

Describing how facial recognition technology works and discussing its significance in different sectors. Also explaining why there’s a sudden surge in the demand for facial-recognition technology-based attendance systems.

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How to Configure GPRS in Bio-Face Reader?

How to congfigure GPRS in bio-face reader

Moving ahead and exploring wireless data transmission alternatives, GPRS is proving to be table turner with easy configuration and connectivity skills.

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How to Configure Wi-fi in Bio-Facer Reader?


The more the biometrics technology is going contactless, the more it is stepping ahead in providing a completely secure & hygienic experience at the workplaces

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Biometric Facial Recognition System: It’s Time To Show Yourself

Biometric Facial Recognition System

Unlike any other biometric device, face recognition system captures still images and matches the unique characteristics against stored information in the database for the sole purpose of identification or authentication.

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Biometric Face Recognition System: Benefits, Uses, & How does it Work?

Biometric Face Recognition is used to map and trace the nodes of a person’s face geometrically

Biometric face recognition is the process and ability of a biometric machine to identify and recognise the face of an individual either to grant access to a secured system or to find out the details of a person by matching the face with existing data in the machine’s system.

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