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Facial Recognition Technology: Functionality, Applications, & Significance in Today’s World

Describing how facial-recognition technology works and discussing its significance in different sectors. Also explaining why there’s a sudden surge in the demand for facial-recognition technology-based attendance systems.

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Tea Garden Solution: An Effective Step Towards Workforce Management At Tea Gardens

Tea Garden Solution

The workforce at Tea Gardens should be managed effectively. Several tea garden businesses bear huge losses due to some unrighteous activities and loopholes present in the industry.

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False Acceptance in Winter: Why do Fingerprint Scanners Fail in Cold Weather?

Why do Fingerprint Scanners Fail in Cold Weather

Most of the companies have adopted a biometric attendance system in their offices to track and monitor their employees’ activities. The advantages of biometric recognition system are immense.

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Best Visitor Management System to Improve the Visitor Experience

Visitor Management Software - Starlink

A visitor management system helps electronically manage information about people visiting your office. The global visitor management software market is projected to grow to $1640 million by 2025, up from $848 million in 2020.

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