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The Key Features of Labor Attendance System That Makes It A Worthy Business Investment

  • Posted On: January 6, 2023

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If you are still searching for ways to ditch your age-old traditional attendance management system, it is the right time to switch to the new and advanced labor attendance system and give your business the required business transformation. 

In today’s highly competitive world, it is imperative to have a smart digitized labor attendance management system that will not only help you to track your real-time employee hours but at the same time also ensure that there are no policy or regulatory violations. It also goes a long way in other benefits one of the biggest remains to simplify the payroll. In this blog, we are going to look at the key labor attendance management system features, and these are as follows:

The Important Features And Benefits of Labor Attendance Management System:

While building a digitally sustainable and ever-evolving business environment, it is crucial to building a sophisticated and compliant labor attendance system for your business that specifically answers and suffices your organizational needs and demands. Star link’s labor attendance system is specially crafted by keeping in mind, the dire needs and policies of every business industry norm and hence is compatible with each one of them. The labor attendance system crafted by us not only helps in maintaining clear visibility on the employees but also assists in simplifying and following the related compliance and norms. 

If you are thinking to invest in a sustainable labor attendance system, these are the top features that you must not miss while making the right investment decision:

Irrespective of the fact that whether you choose to opt for an on-premise or cloud-based labor attendance management system, listed below are crucial pointers that form the basis of your employee and labor tracker software. The below factors shall always be on your checklist:

The Time in & Out: For any attendance punching machine, the first and foremost point should be the time clocking in and out. In this feature of a contactless attendance system, the employees can punch in their entry and out time, register for their break in the time period, and check-out time when the work day is completed. This could be done by issuing a magnetic card reader for each employee or even personal contact numbers. However, the card reader facility should always be preferred because it enables to eliminate the risk of “proxy attendance”.

Automated Payroll & Integration: Once your attendance punching machine is put in charge, you also get the facility to link it with all your employees and the labor payment integration process. Hence it smoothens and eases the difficult and long process of calculating the salary of your employees and labor and it can be easily calculated and comprehended as per the time and attendance of each labor. A good attendance management software such as the one offered by Star link not only facilitates the reconciliation of the approved leaves and paid time off, but at the same time can support and enable hourly payments and flexible compensation as well.

Leave Calculation & Management: This is another big feature for considering the labor attendance management system as a good and worthy business investment. It gives your management the facility of calculating a missed day as not automatically registering for an “absent”; instead, the employee can get the easy notification and alert to apply for a leave or even opt for any special attendance requests (such as a half-day).

Daily reporting: One of the most crucial and troublesome tasks of any human resource department of any business organization is to maintain and keep a record of all the employees and labor working for the business on a daily basis. A good working and reliable contactless attendance management system will help you by providing the facility of maintaining and creating a report that is all inclusive of the number of hours spent, over time, missed and absent days in an easy and simple excel report.

Missed Time in & out Alerts: At times labor or an employee may forget to punch in for his/her or time in and out and skip the entire process in some hurry after the completion of a work day. At such times, the employee can be sent a notification and an automated alert will simply inform the manager and the employee for this anomaly and seek an immediate action thereby.

The Conclusion: Keeping in mind all the above mentioned features and benefits of an attendance management system, it is no doubt to say that the right attendance managing and controlling software can bring about a real big time digital transformation in your organization and can help your business grow and expand in many certain ways. Therefore, it is best recommended to make a decision only by looking at all the pros and cons attached to your big business investment in this sphere.

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