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Contactless Attendance System

Contactless Attendance Systems: The New Normal After Covid-19

After the lockdown, companies start their work with possible precautions. But, the availability of an outdated employee management system becomes a risky measure for all employees. Contactless attendance system

In the earlier version of the Employee Management System, the employee only had to punch his/her fingerprint into the fingerprint device, and our highly accurate database maintains its presence.

Well, it becomes risky as a lot of employees will be working in the same biometric sensor. By using the card system in fingerprint devices we can reduce the risk to some extent, but not completely. By using a contactless device we can prevent the risk.

We have developed a Face Recognition Base Attendance Machine. Which is completely contactless so that we can prevent the risk of covid 19 occurring on the premises which are also well adapted by Indian companies and factories and play a good role in reducing the presence of contact during the period of covid.

Features of Contactless Attendance Systems:

There are a lot of features that are very important for every business.

Contactless Attendance

This system includes the most updated technology where the employee’s attendance will be maintained automatically through facial recognition.

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100% Safe

The system is built with a 100% encrypted database and ensures 100% security of all employee data.

Proxy Punch

It replaces the lack of proxy (person on behalf of others) punch which is efficacious for better recording of employee’s records.

Non-Touching System

This system ensures that the employee will not touch anything to maintain his attendance in the records of the company. It also ensures a non-manipulation system which makes the employee management system more effective.

We are serving a contactless Biometric Attendance System so that employees are not affected by the effects of the virus. We have always been providing the best services for society.

So, if you are also looking for a platform that honestly knows the importance of employees to your business and can provide a high-quality contactless attendance system. And we are able to offer better technical support to our customers as we develop all of our products, which sets us apart from the crowd.


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