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Difference Between Star Link’s Classic Model and Industrial Model

DStar Link Classic Model and Industrial Model

Security and Time are very significant for any organization or office. We are living in a technological age and we need to take our safety into our hands. Biometric System is the way through which you can get easily your security and save time.

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Identification From a Safe Distance is Trending in Biometrics Due to COVID19

Identification from a safe distance is trending in biometrics due to COVID19

Now a day, the world is planning from the social and economic recoveries from the COVID-19. You know, Contactless Biometric Security Systems is continued to be launched for the solutions for the safe work and financial transactions.

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Biometric Face Reader With Thermal Temperature Screening

Biometric Face Reader With Thermal Temperature Screening Starlink

The world is facing trouble due to the impact of coronavirus. Every industry is struggling and seeking help in a variety of ways. Many companies are working on advanced facial attendance system to help the organizations in protecting their staff members and enabling contact tracing from this virus threat.

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Upgraded Biometrics – A Convenience or An Obstacle?

Upgraded Biometrics

It is said that everything in this universe comes with some advantages and disadvantages, we buy things keeping in mind whether the features of an object will be good or the drawbacks will be heavier.

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