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DStar Link Classic Model and Industrial Model

Difference Between Star Link’s Classic Model and Industrial Model

Security and Time are very significant for any organization or office. We are living in a technological age and we need to take our safety into our hands. Biometric System is the way through which you can get easily your security and save time. Star Link communication is the medium, which is available with multiple Biometric applications for its clients. 

Star Link provides two distinct effective Biometric Devices to its clients that are Classic Model and Industrial Model. This is exquisitely made to serve your purpose of attendance system and made with the latest technological array including unmatchable features making it a perfect solution for your office and organizations. 

Classic Model and Industrial Model Feature:

Classic Model Industrial Model
LCD Display with 16 characters and 2 rows Large LCD display, Finger & Card
32 bit RISC micro-processor and Capacity of 62,500 records 62,500 recording capacity and 9,560 fingerprint template storage
9,560 finger template storage (25000 optional for 1:1 Matching) Heavy-duty metallic body and Built-in Thermal/No printer
Built-in 10/100 Mbps and TCP/IP connectivit Built-in battery back-up up to 48 hours
Multiple operational modes Built-in TCP/IP connectivity and customization possible(according to the requirements)
Ideal for Guard Tracking System Large Red/Green indicators
Customization possible Customization possible (according to the requirement)

Classic Model and Industrial Model Technical Specification:

Classic Model Industrial Model
The processor is 32 Bit RISC MC and Card type is 1k/4k and the EM card is 512 Byte Model Number- SCHD 06, PCHD 06, FCHD 06 and Processor is 32 Bit RISC MC 
Recording capacity of 62,500 records with up to 9,560 finger templates (that can be extended up to 25,000 for 1:1 matching)  and Read range around 60 to 120 mm Card Type- Smart Card and Proximity Card with 1k,4k, and EM Card 512 Byte 
Display LCD Featuring 16 characters x 2 rows and Identification Time is less than 1 Second  Display LCD featuring 16x2 characters and Read Range up to 60 mm to 120mm 
Frequency/Modulation is 13.56 MHz to 125 KHz The frequency/modulation is 125 KHz/13.56 Mhz.
Card Masking on classic models is 15,000 record  Card masking on industrial model is 1500 records for Smart and proximity and 2000-9,500/6,500 records for fingerprint

Memory transaction is 62,500 records 

Communication mode- RS 232, Built-in TCP/IP connectivity helps to get the data with a single click of the mouse.

Communication Method- RS 232, TCP/IP Protocol,
Operating temperature is around 5 to 50 °C, Operating Humidity is 10 to 90%, Operating Voltage DC 12V, 500 mA The operating temperature is 5 to 50 °C, the Operating Humidity among 10 to 90% Non-condensing, Operating Voltage is around 180 to 240 VAC
Keypad 4 x 4 and Dimension(in mm)- H=183, W=131, B=58 Keypad -4*6, Dimension is 80mm, H=360, W=290, B=90,  and weight-6kgs 
Audio/Video indicator- Buzzer/LED Audio/Video Indicators are Buzzer/LED 
Weight 600 gms

Battery Backup is up to 48 hours, Identification time is less than 1 second. 


As we know, it’s very critical to keep track record of your company’s visitors or employees in the outdated register in this digital era, so these models are best to serve your issues and make approval or disapproval of the admittance of authorized and unauthorized visitors. 

The Industrial Model is specially built in a heavy metallic body for dusty and harsh environments. This model is specific and worthy for access control of employees and security guards in the industry as well as other places. This Model makes it more compatible with industrial environments. This device works on multiple operational modes. This is also available with multiple applications such as; Time Attendances, Access Control, Payroll software, Canteen, Visitor, Identifications, etc.

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The Classic Model is widely used by our clients to solve their attendance problems and provide them accurate attendance records system. This model is extensively used for Canteen and Visitor/Guest Management. Classic Model has multiple things for its clients. It provides help with high security and various methods.

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There are standard application cling with Scanner Specification such as; Time Attendance, Access Control, Payroll, Canteen, Visitor, Guard Tracking System, and GPS tracker.

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