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5 Ways Biometric Technology Will Change The Face of Security

5 Ways Biometric Technology Will Change The Face of Security

Biometric technology is a part of cutting edge technology. It is the measurement of the unique physical characteristics of a person. The main use of biometric attendance system is to give access to the employees of an organization and store their clock-in/clock-out time. Fingerprint based biometric attendance system counts the number of days an employee has come to the office in a month.

Other biometric data that may be captured include face recognition, iris recognition, voice recognition, hand geometry, and behaviour characteristics. The biggest advantage of biometric systems is, they are secure.

Is Biometric limited to a person’s physical characteristics?

No, Biometrics is not limited to a person’s physical characteristics, organizations have also started using a card based biometric attendance system. They provide a unique card that gives them access inside the building and stores their clock-in/clock-out time. The biggest advantage of this is it is attached with the ID-card of an employee so they don’t have to carry an additional card with them.

How Biometric Technology Will Change The Face of Security?

  • Passwords are not enough: It removes the least secure type of security i.e. passwords. They are hard to remember and easy to hack. Fingerprints create a secure system when compared to passwords.

  • Unique physical characteristics: Biometrics are unique to individuals and no one can forge it. Biometric Devices can identify an individual more securely and confidently when compared to other forms of identifying such as password and Id-cards.

  • Complex system: Even if a hacker gets access to the storage space where all the biometrics are stored, he won’t be able to replicate it as the biometrics are sets of mathematical algorithms.

  • More efficient in identifying a person: Biometric technology allows only an authorized person to complete an online transaction and physical characteristics are nearly impossible to duplicate which means your money is safe with you.

  • Biometric system can detect fraudsters: Banks can easily detect fraud by referring to factors such as location (customer’s usual location) and the device used (if a person suddenly uses windows after years of a Mac could be a red flag). It also considers the customer’s usual behaviour such as the way they type or moves their mouse while making an online transaction.


Biometric Technology is for sure the future of digital security. With ever-increasing technologies, biometrics is getting more secure than ever. Star Link has all the solutions related to biometric technology and if you’re looking to integrate biometric attendance system in your office, Star Link can even provide a customized biometric system based on your requirements.

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