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Classic Model – An Unfailing Biometric System

Being part of the current era, every business needs to adapt itself to a new technology to scale their competitors and generate profit. Biometric technology plays a crucial part in saving companies from exorbitant costs. Biometric technology has given many innovations to assist leaders with their businesses and the employees who work for them.

One such innovation is Classic Model Biometric System. Invented in the year 2001, the Classic Model has been serving more than 8 thousand clients for 20 years. It is widely regarded as the best performing fingerprint-based biometric attendance device available.

Before we get into the details of the Classic Model, let’s take a look at who is currently using it and who may utilize it for their specific needs. Read on.

Classic Model’s Current Users

  • Private Companies

Some companies have been our clients for many years, presently using our Classic Model for attendance purposes. Our model is installed and provides sleek attendance and access control solutions to many private companies.

  • Government Offices

Even though the Classic Model has consistently served the commercial sector, it has not left the government sector untouched. Our machine is installed in various government departments and successfully serves them with biometric security and attendance solutions.

  • Educational Institutions

Our organization’s forte is security, and we try to give the best biometric access control solution to our clients. And, the Classic Model does a great job of not just offering an attendance solution but also a comprehensive access control system to educational institutions.

  • Automobile Sector

Some of our well-known and valuable clients in the automobile sector are currently using the Classic Model. We initially successfully placed our car-tracking system, together with our Classic Model, in the premises of one of the motor industry’s tycoons.

  • Fashion & Retail Companies

We also have significant clients in the fashion and retail industry who are using the classic model for access control and employees attendance purposes.

Main Usage of Biometric Classic Model

  • Employee attendance

The Classic Model is widely used by our clients as it never fails to provide them with accurate attendance records and a smooth data transfer. It is made exclusively to simply your attendance management system. Add value to your staff management by installing the classic model at your canteen and for seamless visitors management.

  • Access Control / Unauthorized Premises Entry Restrictions (Security)

Classic Model is also being used as an access control system in a lot of companies. Since it is very important to limit the access of a business area; where you don’t want anyone unauthorized to enter.

  • Visitors Entrance

The Classic Model is also used for guest management. It’s critical to keep track of your company’s visitors, and with this combination of visitor management software and the Classic Model, you can easily approve or disapprove the admittance of authorized and unauthorized visitors. You can organize a meeting ahead of time, and the guest will be given a visitor’s smart card to use on the outside of the gate to gain permitted access to the firm.

Why should your company consider buying it?

It is crucial to look for significant features in your company’s future biometric attendance device before you make any hasty decisions. There are multiple factors as to why you should consider buying the Classic Model as your company’s ideal attendance machine.

  • Large Template Storage Capacity

One of the most important things your organization should look for in a biometric machine before making a purchase is template storage. If your desired biometric device is fingerprint-based, you must pay close attention to its template storage capacity. And the Classic Model will not let you down, since it has a storage capacity of 9,560 finger templates.

  • Decent Transactions Capacity of 65k

The more transactions a biometric device supports, the better it will function and fulfil your future attendance objectives. If you’ve already found the ideal attendance machine that offers you standard template storage, then you might also want to look for the standard transaction capacity it provides you.

Template storage alone doesn’t cut it, you have to look for multiple factors, decent transaction capacity is one of them. And the classic model gives you all of them.

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  • Multiple Operational Modes

An attendance machine that provides punching alternatives is always a solid indicator that you are investing in the right product. And the Classic Model supports both fingerprint and smartcard-based punching.

  • Notification/Confirmation Text Message

It would be very convenient for your employees if your attendance machine notifies them as they punch in. A text message in your ideal biometric device is always a plus sign. The text message clears up any doubt among employees about whether or not the machine took their punch. You can also have the machine customized to greet your employees at the time of punching in or to wish them a happy birthday.

  • Customization Available

Lastly, the best thing about the Classic Model is that you can have it modified as per your company’s requirements. The customization is available at a reasonable cost and with no dissatisfaction.

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20 years of Perfection

This biometric attendance machine has been in use for 20 years and has never failed to achieve its objectives. The engineers worked tirelessly to achieve perfection in delivering the nation the best attendance and access control system. And they succeeded via Classic Model. This machine never had a significant problem and was frequently commended by our clients.

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