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Control user finger register from head office in BioLynx Machine

Our cutting-edge technology allows for a seamless and efficient enrollment process, regardless of location. With our innovative solution, you can enroll employees remotely by simply sending commands, revolutionizing the way attendance management is handled.

If your server’s headquarters are located in Delhi and the finger registration machine is installed in Faridabad, a remote area, employees at that remote location may not have received training in fingerprint registration. Consequently, they won’t possess the necessary skills to operate the machine for registering fingerprints themselves.”

Problem Solving:

For instance, if an employee (A) registers their fingerprint for themselves and for another employee (B), this may lead to manipulation of attendance records. By utilizing remote enrollment, such manipulations are prevented. Employees cannot directly unlock the machine or register fingerprints. Only at the command level can specific employees be enrolled without any activity on the machine. This ensures that one employee cannot mark the attendance of another employee.

Example: In a manual process, an employee would unlock the machine and register the finger directly. However, employees at remote locations, such as doctors at a dental firm, may not have the training or time to complete this process. Therefore, the doctor may only register their own finger remotely at the command level, without interfering with their work duties.

Key Features:

  1. Remote Enrollment Capability: Enroll employees from any location by sending commands through our intuitive software interface. This means you can manage attendance data without the need for physical presence.

  2. Direct Machine Enrollment: Our software seamlessly integrates with the attendance device, enabling direct enrollment from the machine itself. By connecting the machine to a computer, you can streamline the enrollment process without any hassle.

  3. Real-time Enrollment: Send an enrollment command remotely, and witness the device light up at the designated location. Employees present at the remote site can then easily enroll themselves, ensuring real-time data collection.

  4. Centralized Data Management: All enrollment details are securely stored and transmitted to the cloud storage system, eliminating the need for manual data handling. This centralized approach allows for easy access and distribution of enrollment information from the head office.

  5. Client Mode Compatibility: Our solution supports multiple locations in client mode, providing flexibility and scalability to meet the unique needs of your organization. Whether you have offices in Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, or beyond, our system has you covered.

  6. Tailored for Remote Workforce: Ideal for companies with remote workforce scenarios, our solution simplifies enrollment for employees working in distant locations. Whether it’s engineers on duty or field technicians, our system ensures effortless attendance management.

By leveraging our Star Link solution, you gain the ability to enroll employees remotely with ease, enhancing operational efficiency and minimizing administrative burden. Say goodbye to manual enrollment hassles and embrace a smarter, more streamlined approach to attendance management. Experience the future of workforce management with our Remote Enrollment Process through Bio Lynx Attendance Device.

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