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Top manufacturer of the biometric attendance system in India

In recent times, biometric attendance machines have been sparkly used in the workplace. It scaled up the situation with linear outcomes and authenticity. According to the data proposed by different people, the Indian biometrics market size reached INR 18,782.0 Crores in 2022. IMARC Group expects the market to reach INR 42,746.0 Crores by 2028, exhibiting a growth rate (CAGR) of 14.63% during 2023-2028. It means the production of biometrics is growing and is estimated to grow in the future.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, biometrics started shifting everywhere in India. It now becomes a hub of biometrics. Attendance punching, time attendance, and fingerprint/Face recognition attendance system are the prior biometric devices manufactured. Star Link is an esteemed company producing different types of made-in-India biometrics systems.


Indian Biometric Manufacturer in 2023

Since the covid pandemic, India is putting steps to become Atmanirbhar. Indian companies launch various products to make India strong and self-dependent. Star Link is one of the esteemed companies spreading its role to build technological support and advance artificial intelligence. In 2022, Star Link produced biometric products to enhance security and build stability around India and abroad. We consider that many companies are facing security issues and fraud extensively in the workplace—Star Link’s product focus on detecting deception and detaching it quickly using indigenous methods.


Biometrics is a fast-moving process today in our society, mainly used in organizations and building for attendance purposes. It gives more compatibility and tangibility. Biometrics is necessary today for each stuff, and Star Link plays this role with flexibility. It makes various types of biometric products and supplies them around the nations. Those machines are made by the combination of hardware and software and give facility in different places such as Companies, canteen, offices, Hospitals, Schools and others. These products have multi provisions which make a more competitive environmental workplace. Star Link is India’s growing biometric company that follows the way of ‘made in India’ and give benefits to its client.




The biometric access control system makes society more advanced and provides safety in the workplace. It builds with a mixture of Hardware and Software. Star Link plays a prominent role in shaping our community with an indigenous product, manufacturing various biometrics, and serving all parts of the nation. 

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