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Biometric Access Control System

How to Install a Biometric Access Control System?

Biometrics is the detection of faces, iris patterns, and the use of a fingerprint scanner and voice recognition. Face recognition and fingerprint scanning systems are two biometric security methods that work effectively in high security. Installing it in populated areas, respectively, with the help of an installed biometric access control system.

Because of the high adoption and desertion rates, authentication systems must be easy to use and understand. Therefore, it should be the most important factor to consider. 

Determine the needs of your employees and put in place the system that best meets those needs. Card readers, finger based system scanners, and face readers are examples of such systems. 

Biometrics is a progressive technique that only takes a few seconds to verify. It has been shown that it may aid end-users in reducing the burden of remembering passwords. One of the most effective and reliable ways to track employee presence is the installed biometric access control system.


Steps to Install a Biometric Access Control System

Here are the methods to install a biometric access control system:

  • First, deliver the device to the client site.
  • After delivery, the query will go to the support team, and the support team allocates the engineer for a particular site.
  • After that, the support engineer will reach the installation site as confirmed by the user/client
  • A support engineer will hang the device on the wall by tightening the screw.
  • After that, the engineer will allocate an IP address to the machine with the help of the client’s IT team and connect the network in the machine via Ethernet cable or WiFi as the client provided. If the machine is GPRS then an engineer will insert the SIM card into the machine.
  • Now engineer will sync the device to the software via enter the IP address in the software. If the machine is on server mode although if the machine is configured on client mode, the engineer will enter the SIP (Server IP) or Host Name of the server in the machine and the machine will automatically sync in software.

Advantages to Install a Biometric System

  • There are several more advantages to install a biometric access control system, including error-free attendance and time data for workers.
  • It is difficult to hack a biometric system since it is based on face, iris, fingerprint identification, or an individual’s behavioral attributes. Therefore, it ensures that no one is trespassing. In addition, this boosts morale among workers by making them feel safe on the grounds.
  • Because it provides reliable information about each employee, a biometric attendance system simplifies the payroll process in many ways. As a result of biometrics, the manual attendance monitoring system has been replaced with a digital one.
  • biometrics prevents proxies since it utilizes biological data to identify the individual. As a result, the access control solution is much more secure than others.

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