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How to congfigure GPRS in bio-face reader

How to Configure GPRS in Bio-Face Reader?

Moving ahead and exploring wireless data transmission alternatives, GPRS is proving to be table turner with easy configuration and connectivity skills.

This year, Contactless Technology had been a topic of discussion and innovation among all the sectors whether government, public or private. With this, the facial biometrics technique gained more popularity among the common masses as well.

The biometric attendance system and security industry promoted the face reading attendance and access control devices along with different latest features and one such feature is;

Wireless data transmission; and GPRS (SIM card) fall amongst it.


Steps to Configure GPRS in Bio-Face Reader

This article will guide you in configuring the GPRS mode in the facial recognition attendance and access control machine for wireless data transfer.

How GPRS Bio-Face Reader Works:

  • The option for GSM can be found in the option Network Settings which lies under the option
  • After clicking on the option GSM, it will ask you to enter the APN ( Access Point Name) which is a gateway between a 3G or 4G mobile network and another computer network. Every network provider has its own APN, for ex – airtel has “airtelgprs.com”, Vodafone has “www”, and jio has “Jionet”.

  • After clicking on the option “Save”, the machine will ask for the reboot, press Yes and let the machine restart.

  • After when the machines restart, the home screen will show the network signals and the machine will now be connected to GPRS.

      • If in case the system loses the signal, the home screen will show the signal icon in red color.

      • The machine will try to reconnect itself within every three to five minutes. If it still cannot connect, follow the procedure mentioned above again.


Here are some of the reasons how liberty can be obtained with the GPRS mode:

Remote Locations:

Generally, it is seen that some sections/departments in a company are not in a need for wireless connectivity as there are not many users but the place still holds valuables to store and regular visits/audits are assigned to the workers. The contactless attendance machine with activated GPRS mode can provide you with seamless connectivity and wireless data transfer from distant places.

No need for routers, amplifiers:

With no need for extra accessories and equipment to amplify the wireless signals, the active GPRS network can be easily detected by the machine with no extra cost.

Convenient data transfer through IoT:

The Internet of Things-enabled machine automatically sends the data to the server every three minutes. The GPRS connectivity makes sure the data get transferred in minimum time with 100% accuracy.

No Wi-Fi, Yes GPRS:

In the scenario where every office doesn’t have a Wi-Fi connection, the benefits of the wireless feature can be taken and that too in a very cost-effective manner. With just a SIM installation and an active internet connection, your machine would be all set to give you a complete contactless experience.

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