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White House Recommends Biometric For Safer And Superior Security Measures

When it comes to technological advancement, U.S.A has always been the leader. They have always been ahead in terms of implementing the best form of technology in every sphere, whether it’s military or Government offices. So it should not comes as a surprise that that a new cyber security initiative from the white house recently has encouraged Americans to favor the use of biometrics over any other form of security for more secure logins and to prevent massive data breaches. As a nation that has always lain emphasizes on an effective use of information technology to enable advancement in every field, they have been quick to realize the threats posed by security systems that can easily be penetrated.

A new plan is being launched by the White House, the National Cyber Security Alliance and many big companies such as Google, Twitter and Mozilla to Wells Fargo which is called Lock Down Your Login. This plan is basically to strengthen the faltering security measures by offering advice and information on cyber security considering that a new victim of identity fraud is detected every two seconds. A fact sheet that was prepared by white house specifically stated that around as many as 62 percent of successful data breaches could have been easily averted if strong biometric security systems such as fingerprint authentication would have been used. Mere username and password are weak measures of security and are not enough to keep your account secure.

This month is the National Cyber Security Awareness Month and this is the time when the US Department of Homeland Security and National Cyber Security Alliance will appeal to all Americans to share the responsibility and take steps to be safer and more secure online. This appeal couldn’t come at a better time than now when the executive director of the National Cyber Security Alliance, Michael Kaiser has informed the public about the Yahoo hack of as many as 500 million accounts. This incident has rattled up security experts as they fear that in the absence of strict measures these cyber crimes will only escalate. E-mail accounts often contain important and personal information which also increases the risk of identity theft.

It’s not just the multinational and government agencies, security features quite high in the priority list of every person and hence Starlink, manufacturers of high tech and the best biometric devices insist that everyone should upgrade to biometric security for better safety and to avoid any sort of theft.

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