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Pros and Cons of Mobile Biometrics

In this modern technology world, there are ample of security devices available, which can provide great help in securing data and keep a record of person’s identity, and other transactions as well. In this way, mobile biometric technology has evolved as a boon for the tech savvy. It is the solution that works for purposes like the intersection of connectivity, security, and identity. This technology can be used in varied devices like smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices.
Nowadays, mobile biometrics security systems are also being used for security purposes at government and commercial sectors. They are used for providing good security to devices by creating digital passwords and keeping data of employees secure in the system. Moreover, it helps the person how he or she uses this technology for authentication of digital devices and security of businesses details as well. All in all, this mobile biometric technology has suggested avenues keep your devices reliable regarding securing data, identification and allow an authentic person to use the device only.

There are various pros and cons of using this mobile biometrics technology such as:

Pros of Mobile Biometrics

  • Mobile biometric technology is reliable to secure devices, personal accounts, and identification details of one in the system.
  • Nowadays, biometric apps are also being used for providing great security at varied sectors like banks, retail houses, online payments and identity transfer purpose as well.
  • This technology secures a person’s identification mark like passwords, PIN number, figure prints, voice recording, and other digital signatures with prompt security and allows genuine one to access it. For this, you can use mobile biometric devices and apps as well.
  • Biometrics technology is reliable for modern systems and remains accountable for their security as well.
  • The mobile biometric access control systems are good options to allow only authorized a person to access the devices after putting a right password or other identification details.
  • This technology is security, easy to use, inexpensive, but provides ultimate security for data from breaching.
  • Using biometric security systems give you high-level security in banks, offices, and other commercial places.
  • This technology is scalable, versatile and gives a good return on investment.


Cons of Mobile Biometrics

  • Hacking of password can be a problem in mobile biometric devices.
  • Damage to the device can also enhance the insecurity level for the user.
  • Problems may arise in figure print scanning biometrics, as they give hassle in not to identify figure prints adequately.
  • The problems of password recover and reset issues can be vital in mobile biometric systems.
  • Limited data storage space in biometric devices. It may not be enough to use in offices to record identification marks and other personal details of thousands of employees in one device.
  • Low work speed can also be a problem in biometric systems.


Apart from these pros and cons, the recent effort of the Indian government to make the economy cashless with the introduction of demonetisation is looked as an opportunity to increase the transactions using mobile banking apps. And the safety of these transactions can be increased many folds by mobile biometrics. Following the regulation of demonetisation, people in the urban areas including small business people and vendors have adopted mobile banking as a solution to their daily transaction requirements.

Thus, above are few vital pros and cons of a mobile biometric system, which can help you understand its benefits and drawbacks easily. So, whenever, you go to use biometric devices in your office or for the device, make sure they are designed adequately to deliver high-security services to device and data without fail.


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