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Bye-Bye to Pesky Passwords, Say Hello to Windows 10

It’s a time to say bye-bye to annoying passwords with Windows 10. Passwords we use these days are inconvenient and insecure and are hackable at the same time. Microsoft has taken a significant step ahead in the area of security authentication. The company recently launched Windows 10 anniversary update Windows Hello, where Microsoft stated that this new Windows only requires fingerprint or eye retina (which is called to be the strongest security form ) to open PC’s and Microsoft account’s, instead of using those long and pesky passwords. In this new version of Windows 10, Microsoft has focused on tougher security measures and a promise to give prominent updates each year. Windows Hello is a solution to all problems related to Computer Security.


What is Windows Hello?

Windows hello is a biometric security system inbuilt into Windows 10. Windows Hello is a personal computing feature of windows 10. It provides quick access to your operating system. With the help of this feature you just need to show your face or touch your finger on the sensor of your system. This method is far more convenient than typing those traditional, long and annoying passwords. There are anti-spoofing capabilities build in this excellent feature that means no one can use your picture to log into your system.


How Biometric Authentication system works?

By using face, iris or fingerprint to unlock system is much safer than pesky passwords. To access Windows Hello, your device must have fingerprint reader. To give accurate verification during the facial and Iris detection, it uses a combination of unique hardware and software. For the face or iris detection, new Windows 10 PCs will be working with Intel’s RealScan 3D camera, an infrared camera that will be able to scan your face or iris. Infrared technology is used by cameras to identify right person’s face or iris. The infrared technology makes it more reliable in any lighting conditions, with cosmetic and facial hairs, which allows giving facial recognition.
The second part of this security system is Microsoft passport. To use Microsoft Passport, it requires verification of windows Hello. After verification, Microsoft passport will be unlocked and allows you to access instantly to online sites and services that need your Microsoft authentication. Passport eliminates the requirement of saving passwords of online sites again and again. This attempt of Microsoft has shown the world how they are changing in making one of the first growers and proselytisers of biometric security. This step of the company is a new milestone in the area of web security. Starlink India, a manufacturer of biometric attendance systems, is also doing magnificent work in the security sector. Star link provides biometric solutions according to the requirements of clients.


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