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Google Plans To Replace Passwords Soon

Google Plans To Replace Passwords Soon

The new age ushers in new technology, the old structures fall to be replaced by new, easier and hassle free ways to get things done. There was time when we had to remember several passwords that had to be updated continuously and still the threat of someone hacking into the system still loomed over our head.

A new revolution in the field of online security, called biometric security systems changed all that. The emergence of biometric system as a security measure in various establishments, ranging from workplace that uses biometric system of attendance to banks using it as a safety measure to protect accounts and safeguard customer information has given a backseat to the old system of security check. Unlike passwords, that are harder to remember and maintain, fingerprint and retinal scanning are relatively easier for people to use and as our biological data is unique, it is a safer option too.

No wonder that the use of biometric system of security is on a sharp rise. Many users of this technology have become comfortable using tools such as fingerprint identification for access. Amidst of this, corporate giant Google aims to completely discard the use of passwords by the end of this year. A new feature called the Trust API was recently introduced to developers at the company’s I/O conference. This project was created under the codename of Project Abacus at the Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group headed by Kaufman.

Trust API aims to replace password not by one strong identification indicator at a time but by using a multitude of commonly used biometric indicator such as your face shape and voice pattern and also some really unique biometric indicators; such as how you move, how you type and how you swipe on the screen.

This new biometric access control system which would be implemented really soon would be a welcome move, as the rise of technology means per person we are using numerous devices and everyone favors a method of authentication which is convenient and is a more enhanced form of security.


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