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Face Recognition System And Its Significance During & Post-Covid

Switching to modern technology is a great help for business especially due to changes in people’s preferences during and post-Covid. The studies show that about 57% of the companies plan to buy a modern attendance system. According to a recent survey, about 20% of the small businesses will be investing in various tools and equipment to improve employee productivity and ensure safety.

As the COVID situation continues, futurists predict that new technologies will change the world. Face recognition system is one of the technical tools transforming the workplace environment and rapidly spreading throughout the market. Want to know more about that? Here is a blog.

Facial Recognition Attendance System

This device has a camera that captures the facial impressions of various employees and stores the information in a secure database. A simple biometric identification method uses a face-scanning mechanism. One of the easiest and safest ways of taking down attendance is by using facial recognition software.

These scanned images and profiles are then stored and transferred to the face coordinate structure. It’s easy to buy face recognition attendance systems from the market. Each of these devices has unique features, making them the best attendance system in the market. In addition, these devices are sturdy and are designed to have a long life.

If you’re looking for the best quality face recognition attendance system, you can contact us. We offer a couple of facial recognition systems that have unique features.

Significance Of Facial Recognition Attendance System

Let’s understand the significance of a facial recognition attendance system:

  • Track each employee’s attendance: now, opt for real-time attendance tracking with accuracy and efficiency.

  • Connect directly to the office attendance directory: The attendance system can be easily connected to other components like time office, payroll and leave. In addition, the device can quickly process thousands of facial IDs in an organization and store them in an organized and secure database.

  • Safety and security of each employee: One of the main reasons to use facial recognition systems is authenticity and safety. Whenever you use an official recognition system, it can identify authorized staff. In addition, it will not allow access to secure rooms in the office premises other than registered personnel.

  • Get reports: Along with facial recognition, the system can also track the sign-in and sign-out of each employee. The system also offers attendance-based wages, stores the absent list, and takes necessary actions..

  • Error-free and accurate system: the facial recognition attendance system can store and scan accurate data without human intervention. It can reduce the possibility of fake punching. The employees also maintain social distancing norms.

A Pioneer In Face Recognition System

We have developed a facial recognition attendance system called the Bio Face Reader. The machine can analyze your facial expressions like eyes, cheeks, ears. Then with the help of image capturing, it matches the image and maps with the database.

The Bio Face reader is one of the most popular facial recognition devices. It is made from sturdy material and has been designed for industrial purposes. Moreover, it has specifically been designed keeping in mind the robustness required at workplaces.

The machine is accurate and simple to use and comes with a robust and efficient design. Even in low-light situations, the machine works efficiently.

The machine can offer better security than manual devices. It keeps track of the employees and adds visitors to the registry system. With the Bio Face reader, you don’t need to monitor the system 24×7. The time and accuracy system can track each employee’s attendance, absence, and overtime reports.

The system can effectively link to the payroll and HR software. It helps the employee to calculate the salary of each individual easily.


The popularity of this new-age facial recognition attendance system is gradually increasing. As a result, more organizations and institutions are adapting to this system. It is a contactless biometric solution. Therefore, you can continue the social distancing norms.

Moreover, the offers additional features like a door access control system and thermal screening.

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