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How accurate is the Facial Recognition Technology

How accurate is the Facial Recognition Technology?

Facial recognition technology or FRT is used to identify people in the form of static images or video in a system of algorithms. It is not a new technology, but it has become more popular due to its digital solutions, such as recognizing people through pictures in cloud storage, face unlocks authentication on mobile devices and others.

It is the biometric attendance software that has become a trend that you can get from a reliable source or a company dealing with this department. Continue reading to know how much accurate is the facial recognition technology.

Is Facial Recognition Technology Reliable?

The National Institute of Standard and Technology, or NIST, reported an issue regarding facial recognition technology back in December 2019. They performed research and found that facial recognition algorithms give demographic groups better results in spotting their representatives’ undetectable characteristics.

The facial recognition system can have almost perfect accuracy but not perfect. According to NIST’s facial recognition vendor test, the recognition technology uses verification algorithms to match any object to a precise reference image that can achieve 99.97% accuracy. These results are best in comparison to iris scanners.

This face recognition technology is now quite accurate for banks and other areas for safe logging into the user’s account. However, the accuracy of facial recognition technology is only possible with some ideal conditions and standards, such as perfect lighting, positioning, clarity of object, facial features, and other time attendance systems.

FVRT (Face Recognition Vendor Test) has found an error rate of 0.1% in algorithm reading of facial recognition after matching it with high-quality mug shots to 9.3%. It usually happens when the subject is not looking directly at the camera or is obscured by any other entity or shadow.

The quality may get affected by other factors, such as ageing. Ageing can increase error rates due to changes in the face of an object over time. It can take more time than usual.

According to FRVT of NIST, the middle-tier algorithms can increase error rates by 10 when they try to match photos taken after 18 years.

AS per the reports of NIST’s Face in Video Evaluation a.k.a. FIVE, the recorded footage from surveillance can better perform with facial recognitions. FIVE performed tests of algorithms and applied this technology on the walking style of passengers on airport boarding gates, and the sports venue had an accuracy rate of 94.4%.


Facial recognition technology has become popular in a variety of industries for security. FST is nearly flawless, despite its flaws. A face recognition technology based biometric attendance machine is also ideal for protection. If you want this machine installed at your business, you may contact us and we will provide you with a free trial. Choose what’s best for your business.

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