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Importance of contactless biometric-based attendance management system in school

Importance of Contactless Biometric-based Attendance Management System in Schools

Ever wondered why marking attendance is the first and such an important element of school daily routine. Attendance management plays a crucial role in educational institutes so, when a student is marked present it also implies that he is ‘safe’, ‘sincere”,’ punctual’ and ‘conscientious’.

In the traditional teaching system, it is required for the faculty to take attendance manually before starting the class. However one needs to move with the times.

Nowadays faculty face a lot of issues like an increase in the student length, proxy attendance, latecomers, covering the entire syllabus in a short limited period. So t avoid all these hassles a contactless biometric-based attendance management system in school is highly needed.

Especially in this deadly corona time where social distancing has to maintain at any cost this contactless Biometric Attendance System has become the need of the hour. Today a large number of educational institutes are using this contactless attendance management system to reorganize the process of attendance record keeping.

In a normal Biometric Security System student, can fix their fingerprint in a device before entering the class but after the COVID19 situation as a precautionary measure AI-powered contactless system must be used so that the risk of infection between students can be avoided or reduced.

This system will automatically record students’ attendance while they entered the class by recognizing their faces and not only that it will also record their in-time and out-time respectively. Given that all tasks will be done efficiently and virtually there is no chance of giving fake attendance since all students have to record their facial identity.

Let us now examine why this system is important:


Importance of Contactless Biometric Systems in Schools

East to use

Despite being sound so technical, it is very easy and convenient to use. All you have to do is to preset the data in the machine and that’s all. it will automatically scan and identify the student & staff and will mark their attendance as well as their in and out time.


The main strength of this system is its accuracy. There is zero possibility of fraud or tampering with data captured by the system. Thus it will make the students accountable for their attendance.

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Halt proxy attendance

Nowadays, it’s no longer a secret that students help their friends by marking them present in the class. With this contactless attendance management system (CAMS) it prevents proxy attendance since its works on its own so students can’t manipulate it.

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Save time

CAMS is a terrifying time-saving machine. teachers now no more have to waste their time by taking attendance first thing in the class. Now they can utilize that time by teaching them a little bit more.

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