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Biometric Technology Defining The Future of Home Automation

Biometric Technology Defining The Future of Home Automation

The biometric security system is generally based on the technology for the identification of an individual based on different aspects of biology. This technology is best suited for identifying and authenticating individuals as early as possible through their biological characteristics.

The main motive of biometric devices is to capture an individual’s biometric data for their identification through face photos, a recorded piece of voice, or any image of their fingerprint. This technology is usually implemented to know about theft, identity, fraud, terrorism, cybercrime, etc. There are many methods from which the identification is done as follows:

  • Palm scan
  • Fingerprint scan
  • Iris scan
  • Face recognition
  • Voice recognition

How is biometric technology getting popular for the automation of the home?

Biometric technology has not only changed the life of various professional industries and fields but homes too. These time-saving applications and devices are voice recognition based as a biometric identifier such as Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana, Siri, etc.

Google assistant is now also supporting Google home as well as the assistant for android devices. This collaboration allows the compatible and wide range of IoT (Internet of Things) that includes light bulbs, door locks, security cameras, security lights, and many more devices.

Without a doubt, when these connectable gadgets are connected to a home assistant, security is ensured. The user does not require anyone’s permission to utilize them.

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Although, many biometric devices are developing and are under testing. These biometric techniques will probably be implemented in almost every field in a few years, whether it is law enforcement, health care centers, banking, building access, schools, public transport, or any other field.

Also, plastic cards will be soon replaced by fingerprint scans to become a standard daily operation. The future of biometric security is bright and will lie with simplicity by improvising modern methods to offer extreme protection.

What are the advantages of biometric technology?

  • Biometric technology is universal and is found in all individuals.
  • These are unique, and that makes them possible to differentiate between different individuals.
  • They do not change over time and are permanent.
  • It can be recorded without any consent.
  • It is forgery-proof
  • These can be measured and allow future comparison.


Biometric technology has grown in popularity as a means of providing security around the world, and door access control systems are now widely used. Star Link is an expert in robust identification solutions for projects incorporating biometric security. As the independent force, the company suggests the most suitable solution for every security-related problem for their clients.

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