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Biometric Facial Recognition System for Work at Home Workplace Security

Biometric Facial Recognition System for Work at Home & Workplace Security

A few years ago, working out workplace security basics included manual security controls, manned guarding, and other procedures and controls associated with security measures. Plus, in the majority of the works, manual intervention was mandatory. There were only a minimal number of technological aids to enhance workplace security.

Initially, no one ever imagined that offices could be defenceless, and people would have to invest a massive amount to ensure workplaces’ safety. Who knew that Biometric Security System will make everything easier.

Similarly, we have the biometric attendance system & facial recognition to keep track of things better.

What is Facial Recognition System or Facial Biometrics?

Facial recognition or Facial Biometrics is a type of security, which utilizes geometrical uniqueness to identify individuals by analyzing their faces. The system takes the help of pattern recognition and computer imaging technologies to map down the facial features and create a unique profile from the same.

With the increasing popularity of portable digital devices, smart security systems, and mobile phones, facial biometrics has grown exponentially in the past decades.

Many users are unfamiliar with the use of facial recognition on their personal computers and smartphones. Facial biometrics technology can be found in several applications including authentication, identification, surveillance, access control, and security.

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Moreover, its indispensable ability of subject recognition from a long-distance makes it the best option for security and surveillance using face recognition.

This technology for home and workplace security became instantly popular, as there is no manual contact required with any system. In addition, there is Access Control or the Biometric Attendance System. These are based on facial recognition technology too. With a better version of the technology, the biometric system also measures human body temperature, which can greatly serve during this pandemic, for as long as it exists.

Apart from the gradual development in technology, the COVID situation gets credit for quick advancement in safety and security technology.


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