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Facial Recognition System for Security Access & Identification

Facial Recognition System for Security Access & Identification

Who would have thought that there will come a time when instead of using metal locks on our door for security we’ll use some Biometric Security System that is easily able to tell whether the person known or unknown can get the access and can easily identify them by scanning their face.

Face recognition is the latest technology where a machine can easily identify or verify a person by scanning their face. This system can also verify the identity of a person through photos, videos, or in real-time. Face recognition systems are mainly used in the office, private organizations and law enforcement.

How facial recognition system works?

Face recognition systems use system algorithms to pick out specific and unique details of a person through their face. It is a type of biometrics identification that uses face and head measures. It captures the image in a two or three-dimensional way depending on the characteristics of the device.

Then this system compares the relevant information of these incoming images with the ones that they have in their database, which is much safer and more stable than the information in static. After comparing the face, they convert the details and analyses mathematically and compare the data with other faces collected in a face recognition database.

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Thanks to AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning technologies, the face system can operate accurately and with high-reliability standards.

In short, steps that facial recognition includes are:

  1. Detecting a face
  2. Extracting facial features
  3. Representing and matching the face.

Law enforcement agencies have increased the use of this software. police catch the criminals and take their mugshots then compare them with the local, state, and federal face recognition database.

Once the criminals’ photographs are taken, their images and every detail will be in that database permanently and will be scanned every time the police does another criminal search.

The prime example of this biometric software is our smartphone, nowadays in almost every phone you’ll find this feature, apart from the phone it’s also used in airports, at the border crossing, in massive events like Olympics etc.

Facial recognition is a state-of-art technology that hardly has any cons. The purpose of this software is to provide security to the people. Not only does it decreases the crime rate but also came out as a boon for law enforcement and also to society.

A native manufacturer designed a contactless and AI advanced Biometric Attendance Machine and access control system namely Bio-Face Reader that is also available with a thermal temperature screening feature.

This biometric device accepts and denies the attendance of an individual according to their body temperature. The team of this renowned manufacturer has been tirelessly working towards one goal – to bring a paradigm shift in the world of electronics and technology.


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