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Why go for Cloud-Based Deployment of Biometric Technology?

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is referred as a model of providing convenient and on-demand network access to a large number of configurable computing resources. For example networks, storage, servers, services and applications that can be rapidly released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. Cloud computing is an emerging field of computer networking, which is providing opportunities to use hardware infrastructure or applications as a service. These days, many organizations are considering cloud computing as secure, reliable, cost-effective solution for their needs.

However, security concerns are involved with using cloud services provided by the third party. Hacking and data intrusion is considered as one of the security risks in cloud computing. If someone hacks a password they get control over resources. They can manipulate the information or disable the services. Given the example of Amazon, there is a possibility of the user’s email to be hacked and since Amazon allows a lost password to be reset by email, the hacker may still be able to log into account after receiving the new reset password.


Cloud-based Biometric Technology

The first thing that comes to mind with respect to the mentioned issue is moving the biometric technology to a cloud platform. This ensures appropriate scalability of the technology, parallel processing capabilities and sufficient storage. Also, with the widespread availability of mobile devices provide an accessible entry point for various applications and services that rely on mobile clients. Hence, cloud computing is capable of addressing issues related to the next generation of biometric technology. Biometric technology on the cloud may help clients to ensure data security while providers may consider this to be a cost-effective security solution.

Traditional technology (locally deployed) has been around for some time now, cloud-based technology is relatively new. Biometric technology on cloud offers attractive deployment possibilities like access control applications, the payroll application, HRMS and other mobile applications.


Mobile Cloud-based Biometric – Emerging market Trend

According to a Bloomberg survey, the market share for Cloud computing is around $270 billion in 2020. Due to the advantages such as flexibility, mobility and cost saving, the number of cloud users are expected to grow rapidly. Recent advances in cloud computing had given a platform to various computationally heavy tasks and made them readily accessible to even mobile devices. According to a recent research, it is stated that 240 million businesses will use cloud services through mobile devices by 2022. This traction will push the revenue of mobile cloud computing to the manifold.


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