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What is Multi Factor Authentication and its Uses?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a security system which uses 2 or more authentication factor to allow access to the user rather than just one Pin, Password or authentication factor to allow access. The very basic and main advantage of this system is that it allows the security to be effective even if on the authentication factor is compromised in any way.


The authentication factors which are used to grant access to the user are independent and comprises of

  1. Knowledge Factor
  2. Possession Factor
  3. Inherence Factor
  4. Location Factor
  5. Time Factor


The first 3 factors are used to allow access to the user inside any network or physical location.
Knowledge Factors comprises of the information which is known to the user like Password, PIN OR answer to any particular security question. This is the most commonly known and used authentication factor used to grant access.

Possession Factors comprises any token, card, key, Employee ID or a One-time Password (OTP). These factors include something which the user possesses.
Then comes the Inherence Factor, this factor is basically who the user is by using his features with biometric technology, meaning their biometric authentication methods such as retina scans, iris scans fingerprint scans, finger vein scans, facial recognition, voice recognition, hand geometry, even earlobe geometry.

Location and Time Factors can also be added to the MFA to make it even more secure. Let’s understand the involvement of the last two factor with an example. Example: If a person has used his credentials to log in to any particular location or network at a particular time and location then they can’t get access to the network or location for a fixed period of time. This prevents online frauds and breaches making sure that users credentials are not being used in location or network which they can’t physically access.

By using MFA with biometrics, the security level of any access control system can be increased. Biometric Attendance System is used in nearly all the major organizations but using MFA with biometrics, a certain level of threat can be easily avoided.

If an access control system only uses a single to grant access to the user then considering the computing power of certain devices, its password can be cracked easily. So using MFA with biometric is a viable option if you want to keep the security tight and your organization safe from any hacker attack.


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