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backed biometric attendance machine and access control system

Unsafe Biometrics: Lets Prohibit An Accident

Examining the fact how choosing an appropriate battery-backed biometric attendance machine and access control system can make you go one step ahead with safety and protection

Time and demand indicate us to go mobile in various situations and preferred are the things which come with more portability. To be in a leap of one of the most successful and contented solution providers and problem solvers for any company, one needs to closely understand the problems which are being faced by the organizations. Along with the time & trends, technologies to get updated to add value to this world.

For corporates and administration departments in the offices who wish for energy-efficient and round-the-clock performance from biometric attendance equipment and access control systems, inbuilt battery backup is a suggested and trusted valuable feature to consider. Unlike other devices, it contains an inbuilt battery which helps a machine to function continuously till the external power supply becomes operational.

In-Built Battery

During a survey, many of the business owners shared their experiences of problems with their biometric devices and attendance machines because of power failure or voltage fluctuations. Some also shared distressing reviews of in-built batteries exploding because of improper power supply with poor chargers and poor quality batteries just to add a feature of power back up which turned into a major failure.

All of these problems affected the consumers in some of the most threat full ways which were:

  • Permanent damage to biometric attendance machines and access control systems.

  • Complete loss of attendance and In/Out access data from the machines.

  • Loss of Installation cost.

  • Total damage of complete wiring arrangement.

  • Improper charging resulted in half functioning or partial damages to the equipment which turned out into time-consuming maintenance further affecting the routine attendance and access control data giving half manual and half automated information on employees’ clock In/Out timings.

  • Companies faced salary mismanagement because of improper data.

  • Some of the short circuits turned out into serious fire accidents.

  • It also affected other forms of data like Overtime, visitors, leaves, payroll, and time office data.

  • Performance of equipments with Battery without BIS certification can be hazardous.

  • Poor batteries consume more time in charging which in turn causes the machine and battery both to remain overheated all the time.

  • A battery or equipment explosion can cause casualties to nearby employees and workers.

The most famous and reliable battery to solve this purpose is the Lithium-ion battery which is a type of rechargeable battery and is considered one of the most trusted and safe batteries for portable devices.

What makes Lithium-ion batteries distinguished from other batteries is their largest energy density which can be accommodated in a small size. Apart from it, a lithium-ion battery gives a voltage of 3.6 volts per cell which is the highest among all kinds of cells.

How a biometric attendance machine with an in-built battery becomes the head-most choice for workplaces is mentioned here:

  • Even when the device is shut down, the process of charging continues.

  • The system allows you to monitor the temperature while charging.

  • An Analog to Digital converter is there inside the device which monitors battery current and voltage and communicates this to the machine’s processor.

  • A battery icon on the screen shows the status of the battery.

  • If the capacity of a Battery is 2200 MAh, standby Backup can be for 4.15 hours and battery charging time would be 75 minutes (approx.).

  • The power Adapter voltage provided can be 12V to 14V. If voltage increases above this limit, the machine switches to the battery, and notifications reflect on the screen.

  • A Li-ion battery charger inside the machine should be certified by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards)


Getting yourself a machine with an inbuilt Li-ion battery is unavoidable as it concludes in giving values like:

  • Installing a Li-ion battery doesn’t add much weight to a biometric machine making it a lightweight machine even after the installation.

  • A Primed Li-ion battery makes your biometric equipment ready to work at any place.

  • In other words, a Li-ion battery acts as a voltage stabilizer.

  • Quick Charging makes the equipment to be readily available for longer backup within a small duration of time.

  • The battery remains in an automated charging process without any urgency of monitoring it.

  • Analog to digital converter makes sure the machine’s processor should not get damaged or face a short circuit.

  • An icon on the screen to remind the remaining battery in the machine.

  • BIS standard ensures safety and performance assurance.

Switching to an attendance device that comes with a built-in battery is unavoidable for round-the-clock performance and safeguarding correct data delivery in a power failure. Battery backup is not a future in biometric access control but now
Corporations are preferring to go one step beyond all-time workplace shielding.

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