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Biometric Attendance Machine

Biometric Attendance Machine – The Key to Password less Authentication

Biometric technology is a proven name to bring a revolutionary change in the manual attendance system. It is very helpful in handling the attendance of the employees in a highly managed way. As it is a well-known thing that attendance has always been a wrangling thing between the HR department and the employees. So the complete solution to this problem is biometric attendance machines.

It keeps eyes on your employees with sign-in sign-out punching. Along with attendance management, it also plays an important role in payroll generation.

Important Features of Biometric Attendance Machine

1. Time of Registration

There is a time limit for registration of fingerprint in the biometric attendance machine and this is the most advanced feature of it. It provides a healthy fingerprint-based attendance system. Mostly less than 3 seconds are preferred for the registration of fingerprint in the machine.

2. Battery

The battery is one of the most important features because 8 to 9 hours is the standard working time in most offices. Biometric attendance machines are of two types, one is attached to the computer through a TCP/IP port and the other is wireless. So the biometric attendance system is made in such a way that they can calculate the time in the most efficient way.

3. Maintenance Fee

There are a number of biometric devices available in the market in high as well as low ranges but we suggest you buy high-quality machines. The maintenance cost of high-quality machines is very low and it comes with a warranty as well which makes the maintenance cost almost negligible at the same time.

4. GPS Tracking System

This feature is very important in tracking the real-time of an employee. Mostly all biometric machines support this system and it helps with 360-degree tracking.

5. Payroll Management

A payroll management system dashboard is provided which helps in getting the idea of the progress made in attendance management of the employee. It is an easy access process that also helps in finding the best performer of the month. These dashboards play a meaningful role and create transparency between HR and employees.

6. Wi-Fi Connections

Starlink Biometric attendance system can be connected to Wi-Fi and has two advantages. First, from the Contactless attendance system, there is no physical media is required, and second, easiness in operating.

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