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Specifications of Biometric Attendance Machine

Specifications of Biometric Attendance Machine from Star Link

Biometric attendance machine is a device that is precisely mechanized to monitor employee’s attendance at work, the working hours, the week offs and even the overtime done by employees. The devices are technically fed with employee’s biodata to ensure accuracy. Some of the biometric attendance machines include Face recognition option as well.

Star Link has professionals who are relentlessly working on advancing biometric attendance systems to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. Our machines are one of a kind. They feature exquisite specifications that are designed to serve our clients in the fields of security and attendance.

Below are some of the specifications of biometric attendance machine from star link that makes them stand out from the rest.


Specifications of Biometric Attendance Machine

1. Offers Centralized Data:

This enables to get the centralized data with much simplicity in your head office from all the regional branch offices across the nation where the machines are installed.

2. Automatic:

The biometric attendance machine requires no dedicated manpower. They are also non-intrusive. This makes sure that there is no interference with the system and all the information is secure. Check-in and check-out are done by either face authentication or finger scanning.

3. Offers Real Time Data:

The specific data push technology available in every biometric attendance system from Star Link makes sure that your server receives real-time data. As an administrator or employer, you can get the notifications in your mail or in your tablet or smartphones.

4. Offers Error-Free Payroll Calculations:

Associated software provided with Biometric attendance system, the Time Office Software is linked with the company’s payroll software which processes the salary of each employee. The operation takes a few minutes at the end of every month or week depending on your agreement with employees.

5. Cheap to install and maintain:

The biometric attendance machines from Star Link eliminates the usage of the pen, paper and extra manpower. This results in further manpower and cost reduction. Our machines are high quality and this secure their survival for long. You don’t have to look out for the new options after a short period of time.

6. Eliminates Chances Of Cheating And Manipulation:

As the name biometric suggests a physical and biological feature of every human being, this means that it is nearly impossible for anyone to cheat on any biometric machine. Also, the records of each employee are securely encrypted. There is no way anyone can manipulate them because the recordings are live and are saved for future references.

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