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Visitor Management System

How Visitor Management System Save Your Money?

A visitor management system is a technology used to track who enters your office (anyone who doesn’t work in your office). Most of the office use traditional ways to track who enters the office i.e. by noting down them their name, who they’re there to see, and the date & time in the register. They hire someone to sit at the reception and do the job.

Leveraging the power of technology to track your visitors with biometric attendance machine can help you save money in the following ways.

Tips To Save Your Money with Visitor Management System:

1. Reduces Labour Cost: Hiring someone to sit at the reception and take note of who’s coming in can cost huge money to an organization and if you get a large number of visitors and phone calls, you’ll need to hire more people to sit at the desk. A visitor management system keeps eyes on your visitors with sign-in and sign-out punching, eliminating the need for a receptionist.

2. Eliminate the use of paper: Visitor sign-in sheets and logbooks accounts for 60% of the number of consumable office supplies. Eliminating the use of paper can save a lot of money for your organization. It also increases security for the visitors as well as the employees.

3. Less time searching for records and more time for productivity: Searching for information in visitor’s logbook takes a lot of time, you might be sifting through piles of papers just to search for information of that one visitor. Biometric machines record the data of each and every visitor, allowing for fast and convenient visitor tracking.

4. Less visitor interruption: Employee who sits closest to the door is most affected by an interruption from visitors. According to a research by The New York Times, once interrupted people take 25 minutes to get back into the task, which means if a person is interrupted once in a day, s/he loses 2.5 hours of productivity a week. Eliminating these interruptions can boost productivity, hence saving your money.

Final Thoughts

A visitor management system eliminates the risk of data theft and other costly risks. It will help you increase employee efficiency and save a lot of money for your organization.
Star Link has installed thousands of visitor management systems across India. This has allowed companies to ease the process of visitor log-in and log-out while ensuring data privacy and security.


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