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Tea Plantation Biometric Solution by Starlink India

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This edition of our blog post revolves around our ‘Tea Garden Biometric Solution’. In this post, we’ll be addressing the various complications involved in the process of tea plantation and how Starlink’s Tea Garden Solution helps to alleviate them. The objective of this post is to help the personnel involved in the tea production with their day-to-day chores.

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Is Aadhaar as secure as the Government says?


On 5th March, The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), the authority responsible for Aadhaar in India mentioned how there’s been no incident of Aadhaar biometrics misuse, i.e. identity theft or monetary loss.

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Banks Are Fast Adopting Biometric Technology


Time and again we here at Star Link India have talked about how Biometric form of security is on a rise and would soon be the most prevalent form of security mechanism. Past few years have seen a steep rise in the use of biometric devices at establishments and a decline in the old methods of keeping a security check both online and offline.

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Revolutionary Changes Arising From Biometric Technology

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There was a time when monitoring the check-in/check-out timings of workers at office premises used be a maddening task. Cameras arrived significantly late but even with those keeping an eye on everyone was excruciating. Only way-out was to see whether a particular person is at his or her desk or not.

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DCB Bank Launches Fingerprint-Based ATM

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Readers of the blog of biometric machine manufacturer in Delhi, ‘Star Link’ know that we keep them constantly up-to-date in the world of biometrics/ biometric technology.

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Top 10 Biometric Facts You Must Know

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Has biometrics changed the world? Has it crossed technology barriers? Has it effectively tightened security? We say yes to all. It was no wonder that passwords contained a major flaw.

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