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Banks Are Fast Adopting Biometric Technology

Time and again we here at Star Link India have talked about how Biometric form of security is on a rise and would soon be the most prevalent form of security mechanism. Past few years have seen a steep rise in the use of biometric devices at establishments and a decline in the old methods of keeping a security check both online and offline. A lot of sectors such as banking have recognized the feasibility and higher safety that biometric systems provide and hence have made the decision to incorporate them for the benefit of their customers.

In a recent move DCB Bank has launched the first fingerprint enabled ATM in Bhilwara, Rajasthan. The fingerprint authentication machine which is now used quite prominently at a lot of workplaces and schools and universities functions on the recognition and authentication of unique characteristics of a person, which in this case is the thumb print of the person concerned. According to a senior government official the ATM links to the country’s Aadhaar (biometrics-backed unique ID number) database. The managing director and CEO, Murali M. Natrajan expressed his delight and said that in the present scenario when Adhaar has become the most prevalent form of individual identification, they are pleased to launch India’s first Aadhaar Number and Aadhaar fingerprint (biometric) ATM.

This facility is quite remarkable and one of its kind. The hassle of carrying your ATM card and remembering the obnoxiously long passwords is easily resolved as you can access your account with just a touch of your finger. This has made things very easier and far more secure as one can always easily misplace their ATM card or share their pin number with someone which can be a major security threat. This problem can certainly not be present in case of biometric verification of a person’s thumbprint. The Bank also plans to upgrade all its 400+ ATMs to provide Aadhaar based functionality in the next six months or so.


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