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Remote Device Management in Biometric Attendance Systems

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects or “things” embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data. “Internet of things” is a something which connects everything with everything through the internet, may it be your mobile phone, fan, bulb, microwave, laptop etc and you can access all these things from any part of the world with internet enabled device.

To take above-quoted technology to some other level, we introduced Remote Device Management. It is one of the latest revolutionary feature introduced in biometric attendance management technology. Remote device management works on the principle of “internet of things” in which we control the functioning of biometric attendance machine through one single point. Noted that all these devices should be connected to the cloud server.

With the growing number of devices in multiple locations handling thousands of employees, it is pretty tough to manage the records location wise, maintaining the highest level of security. There is some disturbance in the attendance machines which are installed at multiple locations, connected to the cloud server. Data management seems to be easier with central connectivity, but device management seems to be a tough deal without physical manipulation. To solve this purpose, Remote Device Management plays a vital role. This technology is based on “Internet of things” which allows the physical devices to embed with each other through cloud network.

Remote Device Management is really a boon for the industry, where employees are placed in multiple locations. In addition to central data connectivity, our system also allows the superuser to manage the devices remotely from the central server. Without any physical manipulation, Remote Device Management helps the user to control the functions of the device through a web-based management module.

Remote Device Management helps us to manage the data of employees department wise, location wise, etc. as per the masters are created.

Also, you can do the following controls remotely through this technology:

    1. Finger enrollment from any location
    2. Addition/Deletion of the User list
    3. Change password for the device
    4. Check device health remotely
    5. Data deletion
    6. Date-Time set-up
    7. Sanding finger through the server
    8. Multiple location data management
    9. 2-way communication through Dynamic IP


I would like to give an example of an instance where this technology has helped to curb the problems. Suppose at location XYZ a device is installed, which is connected to the central server for data management. But the user enrollment needs to be checked whether right persons are involved or not, or possibly someone is tampering with the device or not; these questions remain to answerless. For these situations, Remote Device Management plays a crucial and important role.

Remote Device Management in the multiple locations, attendance technology was needed to stop the wrong-doings of any employee. It also helps to stop the physical manipulation, increasing the level of security. The level of security makes the system more reliable and transparent.


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