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Savvy HRMS Software

HRMS – Human Resource Management System | Savvy HRMS Software

To get proper Human resource management in your company, it can cost you a lot of money and other resources before you finally get the best. The human resource system is very essential in the progress of a company since they are responsible for the value of productions, the efficiency of employees, machines and transparency. Well, thanks to SAVVY Human Resource Management System Software from Star Link, all your worries are taken care of.

SAVVY HRMS Software by Star Link is fully equipped with modules responsible for keeping the record of the complete cycle of all employees. The records commence from the time of employment, all the activities until retirement. The Savvy HRMS software gives you a clear record of how the company’s resources have been consumed or exploited. Our HRMS software typically features 20+ modules that serve all the requirements of any organization in terms of training management, attendance management and even payroll management. This proves to be a multipurpose software. So do not miss the chance to Keep your Company updated by HR Software.


HRMS Features:

  • Dynamic Process
  • Online Survey
  • HR Service
  • Hire To Retire Process
  • Policy Base Leave Management
  • Mobile Application
  • Dashboard
  • Interactive Interface
  • Rich Configuration
  • Self Service
  • Role Based
  • Email and SMS alerts
  • Succession Planning
  • Effective HR Policy
  • Customization Possible
  • Data Portability
  • Manager Service
  • Access on the Go

Let’s have a look at some of the modules of Savvy HRMS Software from Star Link :


Modules of Savvy HRMS Software from Star Link

1. Payroll Management

This software is technically designed to handle payroll processing for multiple businesses. Taxation as per country’s regulations, loan offers, incentives and dividends, bonus, leaves, overtime and advance can be rendered through this software. The payroll management software complements the Employee’s self-service and Savvy HRMS modules is harmoniously conducive for the business environment.

2. Employee Self Service

This module is responsible for recording and showing the daily activities of each employee. The employees can see their daily work report as well, they can also see their attendance, apply for leaves and overtime. They can even view their salary slips. In short, employees can do a lot with this automated system.

3. HR Services

The Savvy HRMS software can render a variety of H.R services in any organization. Starting from employee hiring and transfer, all employee’s files, payroll processing, job descriptions, employee attendance and many more. In most cases, all the above services demands for labour in abundance. But no worries, our Savvy HRMS software saves you from all the troubles flawlessly.

4. Document Management

This management system is responsible for tracking, managing and storing employees’ documents. The employees can upload relevant documents. Our Savvy HRMS software secures the documents, reduces the paperwork and allows downloads.

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