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Savvy HRMS – A Revolutionary HR Management Software

Savvy HRMS, which stands for human resource management system is a comprehensive, web-based human resource management solution with the ability to automate all the HR processes. As a result, it turns out to be one of the best HR solutions in the country for improving an organization’s overall productivity.

Savvy HRMS also works as a refined, consistent and accurate employee database solution with completely automated and powerful reporting tools. With this HR management solution in place, you get clear insights into your organizational processes and resources and you get to resolve complex management issues by solutions and strategies aligned completely to your organization.

Brimming with an array of features, Savvy HRMS is loaded with 20+ modules, all of which contribute together to improve the efficiency and productivity of an organization. Let’s take a look some of its most beneficial modules:


1. HR Services

In between employee hiring and termination, there are a number of organizational functions an HR needs to take care of. Savvy HRMS is an ideal solution complementing a hard-working HR and helps with the following things:

    • Increments, promotions and transfers to different departments
    • Viewing and modifying attendance
    • Viewing and modifying leave records
    • Generating reports
    • Employee termination
    • Generating payslips
    • Managing reimbursements


2. Employee Self Service

Employee self service is an employee empowering module helping the employees view their attendances and salary slips, apply for leaves, fill overtime, etc. All in all, it helps them manage their day-to-day activities and put in their time to work that requires their attention the most.

Moreover, this self service module is equipped with a powerful dashboard that lets the employees eliminate the paperwork and improves employee transaction.


3. Travel and Expense Management

Travel and expense management is a powerful tool to keep a track of your organization’s expenditures. It provides you with a complete view of expenses incurred by each and every employee within your organization. Let’s take a look at its features:

    1. Rich configuration for group/grade travel and expense
    2. Streamlines the reimbursement process
    3. Reimbursement tracking
    4. Expense request based on your organization’s policy
    5. Automatic reimbursement email requests


4. Loan Management

With Savvy HRMS in place, you can now grant loans to your employee based on your company’s policies. Mentioned below are some of its features:

    • Handling numerous loans at once
    • Loan management based on fixed and reducing interest
    • Multiple options to manage loans and installments
    • Loan repayment options
    • Statutory compliance for loans granted
    • Employee-wise loan balance and ledger


5. Tax Management

Everything from tax computation to reporting is managed flawlessly by Savvy HRMS’s tax module. It’s a perfect fit for tax management in India. Let’s see how:

    • Investment declaration by employees
    • Approval of such declarations
    • TDS calculation based on such declarations
    • HRA calculation
    • Simple Form 16 generation for filing returns
    • Report generation


Savvy HRMS is a result of collaboration between Starlink India and Orasis InfoTech and seeks to offer organizational success to each and every organization out there.

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