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Biometric Attendance Machines To Keep Check On Student & Teacher Punctuality In Jharkhand

biometric security, biometric system in schools, biometric attendance software, biometric door controller

We have been saying it week after week – we are turning the blog of the best biometric machine manufacturer in Delhi, Star Link, into a one-stop destination for the reader, when it comes to biometric news. Take for example our coverage of the story, the introduction of biometric attendance machine at police stations in … Continue reading Biometric Attendance Machines To Keep Check On Student & Teacher Punctuality In Jharkhand

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Biometric Attendance Machine To Enforce Punctuality In Police Stations, Telangana

biometric attendance system, time and attendance systems, time attendance machine

It’s well-known that biometric attendance software enforces punctuality and curbs absenteeism. In the month of October, 2015, we covered the story of this software/ systems being introduced in the block offices of Koraput, Odisha. Manual maintenance of attendance records is unreliable because forging them is easy. A biometric attendance system, on the other hand, marks … Continue reading Biometric Attendance Machine To Enforce Punctuality In Police Stations, Telangana

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Biometric Attendance System in Your Office Is Cost Effective or Expensive

biometric attendance machine, fingerprint sensor

A Biometric Attendance System helps clock employee time-in/time-out using biometric devices like fingerprint scanner (prominent), eye scanner etc. With precise data, the HR department keeps track of the employee’s working hours and attendance.

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Choosing The Right Fingerprint Attendance System For Your Organization

biometric devices, biometric machines, biometric fingerprint scanner

Employee attendances might sound normal but in reality, collecting everyday employee records is a tedious task. Fingerprint Attendance was developed to deal with all the attendance issues

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Remote Device Management in Biometric Attendance Systems

remote device manager, device management system, Remote Device Management

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects or “things” embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data.

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Biometric System To Be Implemented In Delhi’s PDS; Work Begins

biometric devices, fingerprint scanner, biometric machine

Once again, for our new readers, let’s state that we at Star Link Communication Pvt. Ltd. are working to turn our blog into a one-stop destination for everything biometrics.

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Biometric Technology Is The Future Of Banking, Have No Doubt

biometric machine, biometric access control, biometric authentication

An ATM (Automatic Teller Machine), today used by everyone with a bank account, serves several purposes – for withdrawing cash, balance enquiry, fund transfer and procuring a bank statement. Account-holders with the bank are given an ATM card

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Biometrics used by Alaska Airline Sets Aviation Abuzz

biometric devices, biometric machine, fingerprint scanner

The Alaska Airlines-using-biometrics story is getting a lot of coverage by the international media, and rightly so, for perhaps working on bringing about a tectonic shift in air travel. The airline is working on replacing boarding passes with biometrics!

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Fingerprint Attendance Systems: Pros Overpower The Cons

Biometric Devices, Finger Based Devices, Finger Based Systems, Fingerprint Attendance, Fingerprint Attendance Machine, Fingerprint Attendance Solutions, Fingerprint Attendance Systems, Fingerprint Reconigition

Commuting to the metro station took longer than ever. What really my heart sink was well-knowing the fact that the fingerprint attendance system at my workplace would know the exact time of me reaching work, and that would land me up in trouble.

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