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Adoption of Biometrics in Health Care Center

Biometrics in hospitals is no longer something of a science fiction film; has become an essential tool to increase the security of many processes.

The potential of biometrics is enormous because if you look at our daily life, testing who we are or verifying who we are? is essential in many processes and areas. Biometrics in hospitals and health centres has improved patient safety. It allows patients to be identified unequivocally, which ensures, that the correct treatment is applied to the right person and the elimination of duplicate medical records, which cause extra costs to health organizations.

Safe biometric patient identification is also beneficial for health professionals as it helps in preventing incidents. On the other hand, with the application of biometrics in different areas, the safety indicators of hospitals and medical centres improve, in a sector where security is a priority issue.


The main achievements of the use of biometrics in hospitals and health centres are summarized in 7 key benefits:

1. Increase patient safety
Secure identification through Biometric devices brings patient safety to a higher level. Errors are eradicated in the identification of the patient thus avoiding the appearance of adverse events of all types for this cause. Biometric identification through Fingerprint scanner can also save lives, as it allows to find out the ailments or allergies of certain patients in cases of emergency.

2. More comfort for the patient
The patient can access health services in a much more comfortable way than before since he does not need to carry anything physical with him or memories the data that is necessary for his identification. In turn, the patient does not have to permanently wear uncomfortable bracelets that can cause skin irritations or other inconveniences.

3. Greater satisfaction with the service
Improved care processes (for example, reducing the time of all processes requiring patient identification) and more efficient and error-free information management, the quality of service provided to the patient is improved, and patients who perceive favourable change increase their degree of service satisfaction.

4. More confidence and peace of mind
Patients welcome the use of the Biometric system as a way to protect themselves against fraud and safeguard their identity. The new identification system guarantees the total privacy of access to the patient’s confidential information, respects his rights and complies with current legislation that supports the patient. The patient gains in tranquillity and increases his level of confidence in the security of his personal data and the treatment of the same by the institution and the staff.

5. Improve your quality of life
By receiving better medical care free of medical errors and inconsistencies in the Electronic Medical History, the patient receives more successful treatments and, consequently, improves his quality of life.

6. Increased safety for health personnel
All health personnel benefit from greater security in the processes that require their unequivocal identification, both in the control of physical access to the facilities and in the logical access to the implanted information systems. Biometric machine eliminates the possibility of theft or fraudulent use of your passwords, as well as the possible loss of your identification cards.

7. More comfort in identification for health personnel
Healthcare personnel do not need to memorize their passwords or carry identification cards to access hospital facilities or hospital management systems and patient information. Whenever you need to identify a patient, you can do it with great convenience, speed and agility through the Fingerprint scanner. Administrative staff can more quickly process such as filiation, admission or discharge of the patient.


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