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Why to Look for Local Manufacturers who Design and Develop their Product ?

It’s not a secret that many of today’s businesses maintain global supply chains. However, what may be a secret is just how much procurement professionals would prefer to source from local manufacturers instead. In many cases, you will find that buying local has many benefits that far outweigh just buying for price overseas and can even be better priced right here locally.

Before we move ahead, we need to understand more about local manufacturers: what they do, their value proposition, how they interact with customers, what rules they have regarding direct customer relationships?


  1. Service & Support
    The response time for any service and support for any query is the major concern for the service industry. The local manufacturers fully know the technicality of their product. The end customer gets a prompt response to their complaints, as they have a good staff in the support department.
  2. Customization as per the demand/need
    As a customer, sometimes it is quite difficult to use imported devices as they have specific features which cannot be customized in any case. Whereas if you are directly dealing with the local manufacturers you can ask for any customization, as they have their in-house R&D team which can work to incorporate the precise features/specifications in the product and deliver your requirement in no time.
  3. Good Design Look wise
    The imported devices have a great appearance. The local manufacturers have also tried to make their product look good and work effectively. Although, the devices of local manufacturers are more efficient in working than in design.
  4. Logistics & Inventory Control
    One of the other problems with the imported products is logistics and inventory control. They have to be dependent on the chain cycle of product procurement. Local Manufacturing companies have full control over their logistics and inventory. They can help you in mass procurement at no cost.
  5. Spare parts availability
    One of the major issues with the biometric industry is that imported machines provider have sometimes a shortage of spare part availability in case of service and support. But local manufacturers can provide you spare parts even for decades and have full control over it as they are producing it in-house.
  6. Feedback / Complaint Implementation
    If you are using the imported system/device, it is quite impossible that your feedback or complaint can be heard. The local manufacturers can hear your feedback and implement it if found needful. Also, your complaint will listen in no time.
  7. Reliability & Brand Value
    Local manufacturers are also helping to boost the Make in India policy to improve the measures taken by the government to make an impact on the market. Also, these companies indirectly contribute to the national development.


In short, before buying the system for your company mind all these factors which can really help you to get the best out of the market.

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