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Biometric Takes Another Quantum Leap With Hitachi

The best manufacturer of biometric machines in India, Starlink has continuously updated you on the latest advancement and other interesting news in the field of biometrics through this blog. Time and again we have emphasized on the tremendous growth and upsurge that the use of biometric machines have seen over the past few years. Steadily big and small businesses are realizing how cost effective and efficient these machines are and they are replacing old worn out methods with highly reliable access control, time attendance and other biometric systems. Not just that, this advanced technology is constantly getting evolved and new methods of biometric identification are making their way into the market. Though the most common form of biometric recognition is fingerprint, iris, retina and face, Hitachi has gone a step ahead and demonstrated its new finger vein authentication system.

This authentication system was unveiled at the Social Innovation Forum 2016 in Tokyo, Japan, this relatively new and yet to be popular technology would identify finger vein using a standard smart phone camera with software to validate the identity of a user. According to Hitachi, this is the first time a solution of such kind has been demonstrated. The vein authentication system can quite easily authorize the identity of returning customers for online shopping without implementing any specialized hardware. In the current scenario when biometric technology is taking over the world and is commonly used by every business, Hitachi plans to introduce this new innovational biometric device for online shopping and financial transaction within a few years.

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This new finger vein authentication system uses an authentication app that takes a photo of the user’s finger vein in order to read it and compare it with pre recorded data. By the use of color recognition technology it can identify finger veins very easily and also this technology has an upper hand over others as it cannot be tampered with. According to Hitachi officials, since finger veins hardly change they cannot be forged or duplicated easily. There is always something new and innovative happening in the field of biometrics and you can get your daily dose of new and latest biometric technology right here at Starlink India. Watch this space for more.

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