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Biometric Attendance Machine

5 Reasons To Use Biometric Attendance Machine

A biometric attendance machine is a device which is used to verify the identity of a person. The characteristics used to identify a person include fingerprints, voice patterns, iris, face recognition, and hand measurements. These biometrics are unique for every individual and the data in the biometric devices cannot be shared or hacked. It replaces the traditional security method of entering passwords or codes.


How Biometric Attendance Machine Works?

Biometric technology scans the fingerprint of the employee and maps the endpoints and intersection of the same. These are then referred with the stored data of the employee. An employee cannot use the biometric system to log in or log out until his/her data is entered into the system.

Now that we have understood what a biometric attendance system is and how it works. Let’s have a look at the top 5 reasons to use it. These are,

5 Reasons To Use Biometric Attendance Machine

  1. To get rid of paper-based monitoring: Employees and school staffs are surrounded by lots of paper which in the end overwhelms them. Biometric attendance system will help them eliminate the use of paper-based attendance tracking and erroneous calculations.
  2. Most Accurate tracking solution: Humans are prone to errors and errors in attendance can be costly to companies. Biometric Machines eliminate the inaccuracies in tracking attendance. It is impossible to forge or duplicate the attributes of these machines.
  3. Saves time: Biometric Devices save the precious time of employers that are required to manage the attendance manually. The total time of the employee will be calculated automatically based on the clock-in and clock-out time. An employer can download the attendance report of any employee and view it.

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  4. Better security: Biometric systems are the most secure systems. No data can be stolen from the database of these systems. They also eliminate the chances of proxy attendance. No one can enter the premises without accessing the biometric. Hence eliminating the possibility of theft.
  5. Saves Money: It is a one-time investment that caters the need of an organization for years.

Where It Can Be Used?

Biometric Attendance Machine can be used in various industries including software companies, schools and colleges, hospitals, and many more.


Biometric technology can help benefit an organization in many ways. Being foolproof, these are now used by almost every MNCs and startups are also adapting biometric systems. With the customized solutions provided by Star Link, you can easily improve the overall management of your workforce.

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