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Biometric Attendance System in Your Office Is Cost Effective or Expensive

A Biometric Attendance System helps clock employee time-in/time-out using biometric devices like fingerprint scanner (prominent), eye scanner etc. With precise data, the HR department keeps track of the employee’s working hours and attendance.

A very small firm with says less than 10 or 15 people might not need a machine because manual data records would do the job. But once the firm grows to like 30 or 40 people, would it be better to invest in the system? That would depend on your choice.

To Buy or Not to Buy

There are 4 main considerations before buying a machine.

  1. If your workplace doesn’t have security concerns and the work is not based on hours, then probably you don’t need the machine. Such machines shall only be installed in disciplined workplaces.
  2. You must calculate the cost-benefit ratio. If installing the machine takes more investment than what you lose with attendance frauds, then you shouldn’t go for it. Otherwise, it’s a big yes. However, cheaper machines are available. You can weigh the options and decide your investment.
  3. An unsuitable environment won’t suit a machine. A humid, dirty, noisy environment could lead to inaccurate readings. Non-cooperative employees could mean device misuse. Assess the machine’s compatibility with the environment.
  4. As an employer, you need to take care of the privacy concerns arising among the employees with the machine’s installation. Explain the employees giving details, significance and need of this biometric machine; make sure that they don’t have any doubts.

Costing is the most important aspect. After all, every business runs with a specific investment. You always need to weigh your investment and returns, that’s the basic rule of business.

Other considerations for buying a machine are system’s scope, hardware, easy management in multiple locations, system integration/setup, after sale support etc.
The machine, for many reasons, is better than the manual attendance keeping methods.

Here are some benefits of the system.

  1. It can generate multiple reports based on a variety of criteria.
  2. It provides accuracy by eliminating basic calculation errors.
  3. The process is smooth and accurate which reduces a lot of time and attendance recording costs.
  4. Its integration is very easy into the payroll systems.
  5. Eliminates employee time fraud issues as it clocks the employee’s exact time-in and time-out.
  6. The security levels automatically amp up with its installation as it perishes proxy punching and work defaulters.
  7. It helps largely in calculations of salary, insurance requirements, total hours worked, full/part-time employee records etc.

The bulk data collected could easily be stored in the internet cloud.

Investment Return

In India, a machine could cost from 5,000 INR to 50,000 INR, depending on need and features. Deciding to spend on the machine would mean that the money lost with time thefts would recover very quickly. The machine avoids any type of fraudulent activity; hence the huge losses would wear off. Plus you get the added benefits that the machine offers. Hence, installing an attendance machine is definitely cost-effective. At the same time, you need to consider whether you need it and can maintain it. The system is nothing less than a smart friend as it functions as a major part of payroll systems.

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