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Cloud-Based Payroll Software – Employee Payroll Processing

Payroll management is one of the most important parts of any business. With conventional methods and without the use of any software, payroll management can be a very time-consuming process. It involves keeping details about the working hours of each and every employee of the company and then paying them as per their working hours.

Hence, Payroll Software is used to cut short the time needed for the process. According to recent data, using payroll software can reduce the errors due to invoice and paycheck by 80%. The system doesn’t need to be monitored constantly. You just need to input some basic information like working hours, wage structure etc. and the software will calculate the wages, taxes and many other backend processes.


There are mainly 3 ways to manage the payroll services

    • In-House Payroll Service
    • Bookkeepers and CPAs
    • Payroll Services


Online Payroll Software

There are many agencies which provide payroll services using specific software. Cloud-based payroll services are very versatile and it becomes easier to manage the accounts. The web-based payroll software is very user-friendly and the employees can easily access it to check their leave status, work hours etc.

Biometric payroll software is used by many companies to track the working hours of the employees. When the employees tap their ID-Cards or fingerprints to the biometric system then it marks their attendance and keeps track of the time they stayed on the premises.

Advantages of Web-based Payroll software

    • No need to constantly put effort to track the working hours of the employee and fill up the data.
    • It takes into account, all the deductions and modifications in the salary including PF, Taxes, TDS, ESI, Loan, Gratuity, Bonus etc.
    • It can be accessed from anywhere with a suitable internet connection.
    • It can calculate and forward salary to the accounts of the employee directly with just a few clicks and some basic details as input.
    • It can account for different ways to calculate the salary. For example, it can calculate the salary with daily-wages basis or units or services provided basis.
    • It gives freedom to add or deduct amount by changing the base formula for calculation.


Starlink India provides one of the best payroll software in India with all the advantages of a web-based payroll software and much more. You will get 100% accurate pay-slips without any efforts and you can customize it as per your requirement.


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